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Kapu Signature Campaign
300000 Kapu of the bounty pool will be allocated to the Signature campaign.


· In order to participate, each member should go through registration
· Then, each member should set up a Kapu signature in their Bitcointalk profile according to the profile rank. Kapu signature codes are available here:
· Each campaign member should make at least 50 publications on Bitcointalk outside Kapu topic page (Kapu topic page to be inserted) during their participation in campaign.
· The bounty campaign timing is till the end of ICO. In order to receive the bonus, each member is expected to participate till the end of the campaign.
· A member, who has removed Kapu signature during the bounty campaign, is not eligible for a reward.
The list of participants is being updated and analyzed once per week. Each campaign member is to receive week shares, considering profile rank at Bitcointalk:
· Legendary/Hero: 2 shares
· Senior/Full: 1.5 shares
· Junior/Member: 1 share


If a member acquires a new status, they should change the signature accordingly. After ICO is finished, the whole Kapu bounty pool is to be redistributed among all campaign members considering the number of shares each member has. All members are to receive the reward to their wallets.

Thank you for your participation. You can monitor statistics here:

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