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This section will outline a number of terms that will be used throughout this document to improve its readability.

Event: Fan World, at the Niagara Falls, and its agents or representatives

Venues: The indoors facilities provided by third-party property managers

Exhibitor Hall/Room: The Venue area specifically designated for use by exhibitors for commercial intent

Booth/Table: An area of physical space on the floor of the exhibitor room which is intended for use by an accepted exhibitor; its dimensions are intended as specified in attached Exhibitor Contract Figures and Measurements Appendix

Exhibitor: Independent commercial entity who is participating in Fan World

Staff: Any employee, volunteer, or other associated agent of Fan World

Attendee: Any non-staff, non-exhibitor person who is authorized to enter the Exhibitors’ Hall at Fan World.
Dates of Fan World 2018
July 6-8, 2018

Locations of the Fan World 2018 Exhibitors' Room
The Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls
101 Old Falls Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

The Falls Avenue Resort
5685 Falls Ave.
Niagara Falls, ON L2G 7T5

This application is for use by prospective Exhibitors to apply for reservations of space and other items in the Exhibitor Room of Fan World. Please fill out this form carefully, as it will likely determine whether your application is approved, and then also how much space we will reserve for you. Making adjustments at-con may be difficult or impossible. The applicant must fill in all of the boxes with white backgrounds and sign the application on the last page.
III. Application for Space in Exhibitors’ Hall
General Exhibitor Information

PLEASE NOTE: This application is ONLY for consideration in the UNITED STATES venue. Please do not complete for consideration for the Canadian venue.
Address: *
Email Address: *
Phone Number: *
Name of primary contact/representative: *
Please include evidence of any business permits and/or tax documents along with the application to confirm with Fan World your legal eligibility to accept sales and conduct business at our Event and the venue. Fan World and its venues will not be liable for any tax matters, legal violations regarding your permissibility to conduct business, etc. regarding your legal ability to accept sales, own and/or distribute merchandise, or report taxes during the event. Any fraudulent documentation provided to Fan World may also be grounds for application denial, removal from Fan World, and/or reporting to the authorities.

On the next page you should fill in information on the number of booths and other items you wish to reserve. Please note only the first booth you reserve allots two (2) exhibitor badges at no additional charge. Each additional booth past the first affords the exhibitor one (a) additional exhibitors badge. If you require additional exhibitor passes beyond these, you must reserve and purchase them separately by contacting vendors staff via email. All exhibitor passes must be reserved in advance; They are not available for purchase at the con.

Reserving Booths, Tables, and Services

Please fill in all applicable boxes on this page.
Exhibitors’ Hall Booths: *
RETURNING EXHIBITOR SPECIAL RATE! This option is ONLY available up to the number of booths purchased in 2017! This is a special offer ONLY for those who attended as exhibitors in 2017 and remain loyal while Fan World grows! Thanks, guys! (each 8 ft. long X 8 ft. deep) (The first booth includes two (2) badges, and each additional booth includes one (1) more) (Each booth includes one (1) table at no charge) 
 $65 USD Postmarked by April 1, 2018
Exhibitors’ Hall Booths: *
(each 8 ft. long X 8 ft. deep) (The first booth includes two (2) Exhibitor badges, and each additional booth includes one (1) more) (Each booth includes one (1) table at no charge) 
 $175 USD Postmarked by April 1, 2018, or $200 USD Postmarked thereafter
Additional tables: *
Each is 6 ft. long X 30 in. wide; $50 USD / each * (see note below)
Additional exhibitor badges: *
$30 USD / each ** (see note below)
Total Due: *
* You may order as many additional tables as you wish, but they must all fit within your purchased booth spaces. Any tables which can not be placed in your booth spaces can not be set up, and you may not receive a refund for them! Also, additional tables may NOT be available at the convention. Please order ALL additional tables on this form in advance.

** Additional exhibitors badges may not be purchased at the convention. You must purchase all of them in advance!

Special Information about Electricity, Phone, and Internet Connections

Due to restrictions and requirements imposed on Fan World by the facility hosting our convention, we may not directly assist exhibitors in arranging for electricity, phone, and/or Internet connections in the exhibitor room for the convention. Please be aware wi-fi may be provided at no charge at the U.S. venue. Individual exhibitors may contact the venue directly and make their own arrangements for these services if they will be needed. Fan World will attempt to provide exhibitors with any information which the venue staff requires to help them make the necessary arrangements (if that information is available), but Fan World accepts no obligation to guarantee exhibitors have access to these services during the convention. Please note how certain information, such as the precise location of individual exhibitors in the exhibitor room, may not be available far in advance of the Event. Please also note payment for these services is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor who makes arrangements with the hotel for them. The exhibitor registration fees you are paying to Fan World via this application do not cover any part of any costs associated with the costs levied by the venue for the use of electricity, phone lines, or Internet access. Please do not attempt to negotiate these fees or any other conditions imposed by the venue regarding access to the aforementioned services.

Please wait until you receive notice your application has been approved before contacting the venue to make any arrangements. Also, if you do intend to contact the venue to arrange for one or more of these services, please check the appropriate boxes in the “Other Information” section of this application so we may ensure your location in the exhibitor room is conducive to your arrangements (if it is determined that it would be an issue).

If you require further information, please e-mail the Fan World exhibitor staff at, and we will answer questions where we can.

Please be certain to list the types of merchandise you will be selling on this page. An application which does not include the required list may be rejected immediately!
Types of Merchandise to Be Sold

Please list and describe the types of merchandise you wish to sell at Fan World. Please be as specific as possible. The contract you must sign and send in with your application specifies how Fan World may disqualify any items which are not listed here (or any items that the staff do not deem acceptable for sale in the exhibitor room, including bootleg merchandise). You may attach additional documents to the application to provide further information if necessary.

Please note Staff will tend to take the contents of the list very literally, particularly if you are not specific. For example, swords are not cosplay/costume accessories (or collectibles, or toys, etc.) and are considered weapons. Staff will not allow them to be sold under another classification such as “cosplay accessories” if the exhibitor in question does not have explicit permission to sell weapons. Similar interpretations will be applied to other classes of items as needed as well, and no exceptions will be made for any alleged “loopholes” in the rules. Please consult with the exhibitor staff if you are uncertain about the acceptability of any item(s).

Please also understand we may limit our exhibitors in their ability to sell food or drinks which may be considered direct competition to Venue’s food sales.

Other Information
Are you planning to build a display in the Fan World exhibitor room that is more than two (2) feet wide by six (6) feet tall at any point? *
Are you planning to sell any food or drink products in the exhibitor room? (If so, please be sure to list the exact products along with the rest of your merchandise) *
Are you planning to sell any adult merchandise? (Any age-restricted merchandise which may be unsuitable for persons under the age of 18 or have legal restriction) *
Are you selling weapons, anything intended for use as a weapon, or anything which may be mistaken for a weapon? *
Would your business be willing to donate any merchandise to the convention for distribution as prizes in various events? (If yes, please enclose a list describing the items. The donors of prizes will be publicly acknowledged.) *
The following items may be factored into your specific location in the exhibitor room if it becomes evident that it would make a difference.
Are you planning to request an electrical hook-up from the venue? *
Are you planning to request a phone line from the venue? *
Are you planning to request Internet access from the venue? *
Any special requests and/or other information you think we should know should be written in the space below. Please note how, while Fan World will try to meet any special requests or conditions, we can not make any guarantees.

Please make sure you have read, understood, and signed the exhibitor agreement associated with this application before submitting both articles electronically. Please enclose your Paypal payment to PAYMENTS@FANWORLD.US with your submitted materials to pay for all of the reservations of space and other items you have requested. Please calculate your total due carefully, with proper respect to the estimated date of Fan World’s receipt of your application, if that is likely to affect your total due.

Fan World is not responsible for applications which are disqualified due to underpayment as a result of errors in calculations or late receipt of an application; such circumstances may result in the prompt return of all submitted materials without the making of any reservation. Please note the Event chairperson and the Head of the Exhibitor Relations Department are the final words on all matters regarding the exhibitor room. The exhibitor is a written form of the rules, requirements, and expectations those persons will enforce. Should any situation which is not covered by the exhibitor arise, it will be dealt with in an appropriate manner by the Head of the Exhibitor Relations Department, and possibly the Fan World chairperson as necessary.

This application should be signed by the business owner or by a duly appointed representative of the business for which the application is submitted. Fan World reserves the right to request proof of a representative’s association with a particular company if it should be considered necessary. Please make certain the contact information on the first page is accurate, in case the Event needs to contact you regarding this application or the Event in general. We are not responsible for any kind of consequences which may result from not being able to contact you with the information you have provided us.

Name and signature of Owner or Representative of the business named above:
Name: *
Date: *
The purpose of this document is to describe with the intent of establishing a short-term, limited partnership between Fan World and an independent commercial entity. In summary,  will provide a specific quantity of physical space for the use of the commercial entity in the sale of merchandise to guests, attendees, and staff of Fan World during specific hours of the Event’s operation. In return, Fan World will be financially compensated in advance by the commercial entity in a specific amount based on the quantity of physical space provided and other related services provided. Both parties in this arrangement may be affected by various guidelines and requirements as described in this document.

This exhibitor should, anytime it is distributed, be accompanied by a document referred to as the Exhibitor Room Figures and Measurements Appendix (hereafter referred to as the Miscellaneous Appendix). This document provides all numerical figures, times, measurements, and miscellaneous information which are referred to in this document (the exhibitor). The Miscellaneous Appendix should be considered for official purposes to be a part of this agreement.

The exhibitor shall pay the event in advance for the physical space that said exhibitor reserves in the exhibitor room. The exhibitor room is divided by the event into spaces referred to as booths. The exact size of these booths is specified in the Miscellaneous Appendix which should accompany this contract. The total cost for the reservation of booths in the exhibitor room shall be determined by rates printed in the Miscellaneous Appendix. These rates, as printed, should be considered official and final against any other quoted rate, verbal or written, unless a printed addendum to this contract specifying new rates is distributed to and mutually agreed upon in writing by all potential exhibitors (in accordance with the paragraph of Section VIII entitled “Procedure for Alteration of the Agreement”). Any other materials (including exhibitor applications) displaying the rates for exhibitor room space and services should be considered referential only, and this agreement and its addenda should be relied upon for the final determination of pricing. Please note the rates may change after one or more cut-off dates as specified in the Miscellaneous Appendix. Exhibitors wishing to reserve exhibitor room booths and services should fill out the Fan World exhibitor Application, sign this agreement, and send payment in full for the reservation. Payment for reserved booths and services is due in full at the time of application, and it shall be remitted electronically via Paypal to PAYMENTS@FANWORLD.US . All materials necessary for registration (completed application, signed agreement, and payment) must be received at once electronically. Fan World reserves the right to return any application submissions it deems incomplete due to the lack or improper preparation of one of these materials. The calculation of fees shall be made with respect to the date on which the event receives the application and signed contract (not the postmark date), as well as the currency for the specific venue(s) intended for selling. Applications must be received on or before the “Final Cut-off Date” as specified in the Miscellaneous Appendix. Applications received after this date are subject to being voided and/or returned immediately. Event is not liable for any form of monetary or other loss incurred by a business due to the cancellation or forfeiture of reservations because of miscalculations of cost or required materials which were not received on time as per the instructions in this agreement.

As a rule, the event will generally attempt to contact applicants to resolve or otherwise inform them of problems or issues that may occur during the application process or the assignment of space and services. However, Fan World has no strict obligation to make such contact, particularly if the contact information included with the application is missing, incorrect, or illegible.

Please be advised the event subjects placements in the exhibitor room to certain internal quotas and selection processes regarding the categories of merchandise that the event wishes to be available for sale. Event also has a policy of screening all merchandise that is to be sold by exhibitors, making decisions at its own discretion as to giving permission to each specific exhibitor to sell any particular item. Information on the merchandise to be sold by exhibitors must be sent with the original application. Failure to include this list will cause an application to be considered incomplete, and it may be rejected as such. Event also reserves the right to interpret whether given pieces of merchandise conform to a exhibitor’s pre-approved list during the event itself (see Section VI, “Policies on Merchandise & Business Practices”). As such, exhibitors should be very specific when providing this information with their applications. The event staff may apply a literal interpretation of the information provided by exhibitors at their discretion (e.g., swords are weapons, they will not be considered “cosplay accessories,” thus an exhibitor who has been approved to sell cosplay accessories cannot implicitly sell swords as well by categorizing them as “cosplay accessories”). In any event, prospective exhibitors should be aware technical acceptability of their applications does not guarantee a reservation will be made, and no such assumption should be made until the event has contacted the exhibitor and confirmed a reservation has been completed. There is a “first response” date listed in the Miscellaneous Appendix suggesting the earliest date when exhibitors should contact the event to ask whether they have been accepted. Please be aware a “yes or no” response is not guaranteed at this point, but the event will attempt to keep you apprised of the status of your application. The event staff will, neither, confirm nor deny whether any application has been accepted before the “first response” date and may refuse or ignore such requests if they are made prior to that date.

Please note Fan World does not necessarily consider exhibitors on a first-come first-served basis. Please also note Event is under no obligation to provide a reason for rejecting or deferring an exhibitor to the stand-by list.

Multiple spaces reserved by a single exhibitor will be contiguous in their arrangement (each space allocated to a exhibitor will share at least one linear border with another space allocated to that same exhibitor). The event will attempt to ensure all spaces are positioned end to end (unless other requests are made), but due to circumstances beyond our control, it may occasionally be necessary to rearrange spaces into different configurations when laying out the exhibitor room. In this event, the staff will make reasonable efforts to contact any exhibitors that will be affected by the change in arrangement to inform them. Please note how such contact is not a negotiation, but rather a notification. Typically, all booths will have the dimensions specified in the Miscellaneous Appendix (assuming the perspective of projecting the specified dimensions onto the presumably flat floor of the exhibitor room while looking down from above), but under some extenuating circumstances, it may become necessary to configure one or more booth spaces in the exhibitor room that do not conform to these dimensions. In this event, the “alternative” booth spaces will still have an area cross-section which meets or exceeds that of a standard booth. If such an arrangement becomes necessary, the event staff will contact and inform the exhibitor of this in advance where possible. Please be advised how,while the event will make reasonable efforts to meet special requests regarding space reservations and exhibitor room arrangements, all exhibitor room spaces and resources are ultimately reserved and arranged at the event’s discretion. If the event cannot meet a exhibitor’s request for a particular arrangement or special need, the event will attempt to inform the exhibitor of the situation and, if possible, explain why the reservation cannot be made as requested. If possible, the event will discuss alternative arrangements with the exhibitor. If it is ultimately impossible to provide spaces and services as originally requested by an exhibitor, Fan World will provide a monetary refund of the appropriate portion of the exhibitor’s exhibitor registration fees which represent lost spaces and/or services (but no more). Please note how the event is not required to reveal the exact location or relative position of any reservation of exhibitor room space in advance. Final decisions on the arrangement of the room will be made by the exhibitor room staff, and exhibitors will be shown to their assigned spaces when they arrive.

If the room is full when the event receives a request for a reservation, or if an exhibitor cannot otherwise be accepted (but is not rejected) immediately after consideration by the event staff, the exhibitor will be notified and placed on a stand-by list. Application fees will be reimbursed if and when the prospective exhibitor is declined, not necessarily added to the stand-by list. The exhibitor on the stand-by list will be promptly contacted if space should become available, at which time the exhibitor will have the opportunity to re-confirm attendance.

Please note that the event does not guarantee that any such items or services such as extra tables, electrical power, and phone lines or Internet access will be available at the venue. The exhibitor application and other event literature or communications should be consulted for more information. In some cases, the event may decline to manage the provision of such extra items and services to exhibitors itself and instead require that exhibitors who wish to acquire such services during the event make their own arrangements with the venue. Under these circumstances, the event will take no responsibility for the arrangements, including but not limited to making requests to the venue, administering and/or physically providing the services as appropriate, and handling billing and collection of fees. The event will only provide information to contact the venue so that exhibitors may submit requests and make arrangements themselves. The event will attempt (but is not required) to provide exhibitors with any information needed to further their arrangements with the venue. Please note that information such as booth space arrangements and exact setup times may not be available far in advance of the event. Fan World reserves the right to determine the appropriate time to release such information.

Please note that the purchase of additional exhibitor passes and the other services listed in this section and on the application assumes the concurrent purchase of at least one booth.

Additional services and items may be available to exhibitors as specified in the Miscellaneous Appendix. The ability of the event to provide these services depends primarily on what is available at the venue, as well as the rules and regulations of the venue. These items and services may include extra tables, electrical power, access to telephone lines, and access to the Internet. If available, most of these services will require a nominal fee as specified in the Miscellaneous Appendix. exhibitors should make certain to specify in the appropriate boxes on their applications which services they need. Should an exhibitor neglect to request these services on the exhibitor application at the time of its submission, the event shall not be under any obligation to guarantee their availability during the event. Please note how the availability of items and services such as phone lines and extra tables may be limited by the resources the event has available at the venue. The event staff will notify exhibitors if they do not believe the requested extra resources can be provided.

Where possible, the event will offer access to a phone line to exhibitors at the fees specified in the Miscellaneous Appendix. The line provided may be a standard analog phone line (POTS line service). As this service and its availability are entirely dependent on the venue, the specific details and whether it is available at all are dependent on the facility and its policies. If Fan World is able to provide a phone line and a exhibitor requests one, an up-front fee may be demanded along with the rest of the exhibitor’s advance payment for exhibitor registration - although this specific fee may also be requested later when the availability is confirmed. In addition, exhibitors will be billed at the end of the event (on the last day, just after the exhibitor room closes for the last time) for all toll charges incurred by their usage of the line. Payment for telephone toll charges is due immediately at the time exhibitors are billed. Failure to make payment as requested may result in a exhibitor being excluded from future Fan World events as well as any Fan World-sponsored or co-sponsored events.

The exhibitor registration fees paid to Fan World are solely intended to pay for the reservation of space and specified services as specified on the application and in the contract (i.e., Miscellaneous Appendix). Exhibitors should note carefully how the payment of any fees, bills, or expenses imposed upon them by the venue as a result of their actions or participation in the Fan World is solely their own responsibility. Fan World will not cover or repay to any exhibitor any fees imposed by the venue for reasons including (but not limited to) loading and unloading activities, maintenance requests, services provided by the venue directly to the exhibitor (i.e., not contracted through Fan World), cleaning and/or repair, and equipment rentals. Fan World exhibitor registration fees do not serve as insurance or escrow against any fees which may be imposed upon a exhibitor by the facility. Any such fees should be discussed or negotiated directly with the facility’s administration as Fan World plays no role in the imposition or resolution of such. Any concerns regarding additional fees should be directly addressed to the venue’s administration via the contact information included in the Miscellaneous Appendix attached to this agreement.

An exhibitor may cancel reservations for exhibitor room booths and services after payment has been sent so long as notification of cancellation is received no later than the “final date for cancellation” listed in the Miscellaneous Appendix. In this case, all registration fees will be returned to the exhibitor promptly in the form of the exhibitor’s original payment (if still possible). After the cancellation date, all registration fees become non-refundable except under extenuating circumstances as arbitrated by Fan World Staff.

Fan World reserves the right to cancel an agreement and reservation at any time without prior notification and without providing a specific explanation. In this event, the exhibitor will be refunded all registration fees paid to Fan World. In this event, Fan World shall not be liable for any other costs incurred by the exhibitor as a result of contract cancellation, including but not limited to travel, lodging, and freight expenses (in entirety or to the maximum extent allowable under the law, if applicable). An agreement is considered null and void if any of the information provided on it is proven to be false or proven to have been provided for fraudulent purposes. Any unauthorized revisions to this agreement by either party will also not be considered enforceable with mutual acceptance.
The exhibitor room shall be open to exhibitors and their employees during specific hours which will be officially communicated at a date before the event. It shall be open to attendees during a subset of those hours. For reference, please note staff, Event guests, and certain other event attendees shall have access to the exhibitor room at an earlier time than attendees (these details will be communicated at a later time, along with the scheduling information). Please note how even after communicated, the schedule is subject to change at any time before or during the event. In this event, Fan World will attempt to inform all exhibitors of these changes by Staff. If an exhibitor requires access to the exhibitor room outside of these hours, he or she should contact the Head of the Exhibitor Relations Department to request escorted access to the room during this time. Please be aware that after-hours access to the exhibitor room may not be permissible depending on the security and maintenance procedures of the venue, as well as convenience concerns. Entry to the exhibitor room by persons identified as exhibitors shall be governed by the procedures below.

Exhibitors should note how the presence of persons who are not exhibitors in the exhibitor room outside of the hours designated for customers is strictly prohibited. Those persons identified as exhibitors may enter the exhibitor room freely during the hours designated for exhibitor access. Exhibitors are identified as persons who have been issued exhibitor identifiers (eg. badges) by the exhibitor staff or persons who have been positively identified as an exhibitor. Exhibitor passes will be provided by the Head of the Exhibitor Relations Department to a specific individual who represents the exhibitor when that individual arrives at the event site. This person’s name should be printed at the end of this contract on the line marked “On-Site Representative.” The event reserves the right to request identification from that individual to ensure the passes are appropriately distributed. While the event will generally allow persons without exhibitor badges who have been identified as employees of the exhibitor to enter the exhibitor room, the event strongly recommends that exhibitors purchase exhibitor passes for every individual who represents them at the event. Event staff reserves the right to refuse any person access to the exhibitor room if they have any suspicions the person should not be allowed into the room. Disputes regarding personal access to the exhibitor room are resolved at the sole discretion of the Head of the Exhibitor Relations Department or the Event chairperson. The number of exhibitor admissions given to a exhibitor shall be determined in advance based on the application submitted by that exhibitor. For the first reserved booth, the exhibitor shall be given two (2) exhibitor passes. For each additional booth reserved, the exhibitor shall receive one (1) additional pass. Additional exhibitor passes may also be purchased on the exhibitor application, at the rate specified in the Miscellaneous Appendix under “additional exhibitor room services.” Please be aware exhibitor badges are not sold during the event and can only be purchased in advance. Each exhibitor badge must have the name of the individual exhibitor to whom it is issued written on it at the time it is provided. The badge may not be used by any person other than he or she to whom it is issued. Event staff reserves the right to demand the immediate surrender of exhibitor admissions in cases of fraud or abuse, and all the privileges attached to them (this may also result in the subsequent removal of said person or exhibitor(s) from Fan World depending on the circumstances). In addition to the special privileges attached to exhibitor admissions, these may also be used for admission to general fan World events and locations.

The event will try to provide exhibitors with as much time as possible to set up their booth spaces. The date(s) and times for setup will be communicated to exhibitors along with the rest of the exhibitor room scheduling information before the Event. Please be aware the time the event is able to provide for exhibitor setup is heavily dependent on the hours of access provided by the venue. In some cases, it may not be possible to provide setup time at all before the first day of the event. Exhibitors who show up prior to the specified hours may be refused entry to the room by either the Staff or the venue representatives if the room is not ready or accessible. All exhibitors must observe the venue’s freight loading/unloading and transport policies while setting up and tearing down. The event has no obligation to offer or provide assistance of any kind to exhibitors in moving or setting up their displays and merchandise, so all exhibitors should ensure that they have made appropriate provisions regarding manpower and equipment. The event staff reserves the right to make minor last-minute adjustments to the positioning of booths and tables in the exhibitor room in order to ensure that the policies of the venue (e.g., fire code, etc.) are upheld. Minor adjustments may also be made during setup to ensure sufficient walking space for customers. These adjustments, if any, will be made with as much regard as possible to the space to which exhibitors are entitled by their reservations (while adhering to the necessary codes and regulations). It is prohibited for any exhibitor to utilize event space for the purpose of selling anything outside of his or her booth(s) during the operation of the event without the express permission of the event staff.

All exhibitors must remove their merchandise, belongings, displays, and discarded materials from the venue by the end of the evening on the last day of the event. As with setup, the venue’s policies regarding the loading and transport of freight must be observed. Again, Event staff and the venue are under no obligation to offer or provide assistance of any kind during this process.

Unless prior arrangements are made with the Head of the Exhibitor Relations Department and/or the chairperson, an exhibitor, or representative of said exhibitor, who does not arrive by the time the exhibitor's room closes on the Friday (July 6, 2018) during Fan World forfeits any reserved services and space they have purchased. In the case of a forfeiture, no refunds will be given.

Decorations, signs, banners, or any other form of signage may not be physically fastened (i.e., with nails, tacks, staples, or other similar fasteners) to any part of the floor, wall, ceiling, structures, furniture, or general property of the event or venue in the exhibitor room without the expressed permission of the venue’s administration. (Event staff should also be notified upon this matter.)
No holes may be drilled, cored, or punched unowned property to exhibitor
All freight and exhibit material must enter the venue through designated loading doors
All fire, safety, and building regulations must be strictly followed; particular attention should be paid to prohibitions against propane, acetylene, and other flammable materials, as well as any open flame or combustibles
Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of all materials at the Event end

Displays which include audio or video presentations must be appropriate for all ages. The volume of audio presentations must be kept at a reasonable level. The event staff reserves the right to request the volume of any presentation be lowered.

Any promotions (such as those of other events) must be approved by  the Head of the Exhibitor Relations Department and/or Fan World chairperson before the event. Failure to comply will result in removal of materials and/or exhibitor at the discretion of Fan World or venue staff.
The event has very specific policies regarding the kinds of merchandise which may be sold in the exhibitor room. In addition to the need for approval of all merchandise to be sold by exhibitors (see Section IV, “Screening of exhibitors and Merchandise”), the following items and types of merchandise may not be sold by exhibitors under any circumstances:

- Any kind of weapon, unless the exhibitor has been granted explicit permission by the exhibitor staff prior to the event to sell weapons
- Airsoft products or anything similar
- Bootlegs or copies of CDs or DVDs of any format or kind, regardless of whether they have been licensed and released in the United States or Canada. (Bootlegs of imported titles are also prohibited.)
- Any other bootlegged items (figurines, plush toys, jewelry, etc.)
- Bendi, KX, or other Chinese-made plastic model kits (or similar items)
- Any kind of food or drink, unless the exhibitor has been granted explicit permission by Fan World and, through them, the venue.
- Used or unsanitary/unsafe merchandise, such as used clothing or linens

Staff may require the removal of merchandise which may violate intellectual property laws, is deemed offensive, or is considered inappropriate for a public, family-friendly event. Any exhibitor may be ejected from Fan World is unallowable activity persists after a first warning is given.
The Head of the Exhibitors Relations Department or the event chairperson reserve final judgment regarding the permissibility of any merchandise. The event may require the immediate removal of any item which was not pre-approved per the stipulations set forth within this agreement. Final judgment for all merchandise and its validity lies with Fan World staff or the venue.

Please note that only merchandise approved to be sold, which is listed under the section listed “Types Of Merchandise To Be Sold” in this contract, can be sold by a exhibitor. Any merchandise that is not pre-approved by  will not be allowed to be sold or distributed otherwise, and will result in the removal of the merchandise and/or exhibitor by Fan World exhibitors Room Staff.

Within these guidelines, those of the venue, and those of city, state/province, and national laws; it is the event’s policy to allow exhibitors to carry out their business in the manners they choose. As such, exhibitors are free to refuse refunds, limit payment methods, and set other related policies in their commercial operations within all practical and “common sense” reasoning - but at their own liability.
No exhibitor is allowed to sell merchandise under the guise of a different creator, artist, or exhibitor. Anyone an exhibitor knowingly or permissibly allows behind their booth is considered a representative of the exhibitor in all matters legal, commercial, or regarding responsibility, obligation, and liability. Anyone else behind an exhibitor’s booth without permission is considered trespassing.

Fan World proudly encapsulates fan communities from multiple nations into its attendance. Even as an exhibitor is conducting their business on only one side of the international border, each exhibitor should be prepared for attendees from, both, the United States and Canada within the event attendance. Knowing such, exhibitors are strongly encouraged to be prepared to accept both currencies (USD and CAD), with an exchange rate conducive with current financial trends or provided by Fan World staff.

Exhibitors are also expected to provide sales receipts to attendees purchasing their merchandise in the event they request one. In addition with how this should reflect proper business etiquette and general business obligation, Fan World is an event where many of its attendees may be responsible for tariffs, fees, etc. and fans may be required to provide proof of sales at the border.

Exhibitors are extremely encouraged to only conduct their business on the side of the international border where they reside or normally conduct business. while Fan World will consider applications for exhibitors who wish to sell on both sides (or the other side) of the border, we will require additional materials along with the application, including proof the exhibitor is legally credentialed for business in the requested nations, states/provinces, and cities. In these cases, exhibitors will almost certainly also be subject to inspections and/or additional taxes, tariffs, etc. when importing merchandise internationally.

New York and Ontario laws require all exhibitors conducting business at Fan World to have a sales permit number before selling merchandise. Please contact the New York or Ontario offices for more information or to confirm your business eligibility. These licenses must be presented along with your application.

Fan World is considered a “family friendly” event. There will be minors in attendance, and they may be in the exhibitor room at anytime during its operating hours. exhibitors that sell adult merchandise should be aware of all state and local laws governing the sale of such merchandise. The event is not responsible for ensuring that such items conform to those laws, and exhibitors agree to take full and sole responsibility for any consequences that may arise as such. Any items that are not appropriate for children must be displayed discretely (out of plain sight), and exhibitors must request some form of legal, age-verifying photo identification from persons who appear to be underaged when selling such merchandise. Exhibitors who are caught violating these policies will be warned, and then evicted from the event without refund if the infraction is repeated or not corrected. In more severe cases, the legal authorities may be contacted. To be displayed in the open, a product must be appropriate for viewing by minors (persons under the age of 18). At the very least, those exhibitors who are selling adult merchandise must place signs on their tables which give warning they are selling merchandise of an adult nature. The event staff and venue reserve final judgment concerning whether a given product or item is acceptable for display in plain view, and they reserve the right to ask an item be removed from visibility or otherwise appropriately concealed.
Fan World has a zero tolerance policy regarding theft, shoplifting, other forms of consumer fraud, and all forms of criminal activity. event or venue staff may prosecute those infringing, and anyone observing these acts should immediately inform event or venue staff. exhibitors are restricted from detaining anyone for any reason out of regard for liability and safety. Exhibitors are responsible for their own merchandise. It is understood how leaving unattended merchandise, promotional and/or display materials, or personal belongings outside of their booths is the risk of the exhibitors and their visitors.

The event places the highest priority on the safety of all persons attending the Fan World. Therefore, any exhibitors selling items that have the potential to cause harm (especially swords, knives, and other weapons) should instruct their customers to immediately store these items in a safe place (e.g., car, hotel room, etc.) or instruct them to clear the items with event security before walking around with them after exiting the exhibitor room. Please note that the event reserves the right to ask any exhibitor selling items that the staff considers potentially dangerous to sign a waiver of liability at or before the beginning of the event. Failure to sign this waiver before the event, if requested, may result in the cancellation of a exhibitor’s reservation. Refusal to sign this waiver at the event may result in the removal of a exhibitor from the event without refund.

Neither Fan World nor its agents or representatives will be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage which may occur to any exhibitor, their associates, or their property for any reason. Exhibitors are encouraged to obtain, at their own expense, adequate insurance against such injury, loss, or damage.
Fan World shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations under this contract as a result of strikes, riots or public unrest, acts of God, or any other cause beyond the event's control as a Force Majeure disclaimer and indemnification. Anyone visiting, viewing in, or otherwise participating as alongside exhibitor is deemed to be the invitee or licensee of the exhibitor, rather than the invitee or licensee of event. Fan World shall not be liable for any injury whatsoever to the property of the exhibitor or the persons thereof (including the exhibitors), or otherwise participating in the conduct of the table.
The exhibitor freely accepts full and total responsibility for the conduct of all persons acting as agents of the exhibitor(s), thus indemnifying Fan World, the venue, and all agents from all liability arising from exhibitors and their agents.
There are no other agreements or warranties between the exhibitors and Fan World except as set forth in this document. All rights of the event and venue under this agreement shall be deemed not waivable.
This agreement defines the characteristics of a limited, short-term association between Fan World and an independent commercial entity (exhibitor). Should any situation relevant to the aforementioned association arise which is not described or controlled by this agreement, the departmental head or chairperson of Fan World may act as arbiters to resolve these matters.

The terms and stipulations of this agreement should be considered official and overriding against any other conflicting sources of information. The terms of this agreement should be considered null and void against those of another agreement bearing a later date and mutual agreement.

Fan World reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time, and for any reason, before June 16, 2018. Any legal action, court proceeding, or arbitration, to construe or enforce this contract or otherwise resolve any dispute between any parties based on this agreement, shall be initiated and maintained within Niagara County, NY, presiding region for the event. All event agreements are herein to be formalized in agreement, executed, and concluded in New York State only. All agreements and financial transactions are understood to also take place in New York State, while none whatsoever officially transact in Ontario.
Any alteration to this agreement by either party is considered null and void. Acceptance of this agreement for the Artist is assumed upon the completion of this application and completing payment. Furthermore, acceptance for Fan World is assumed upon delivery of the acceptance correspondence
The On-Site Representative should be specified in name on the line underneath the name of the “Exhibitor Representative” in accordance with the policy on the distribution of exhibitor passes described in Section V. If the On-Site Representative line is left blank, then the exhibitor passes will only be given to the individual named as the “Exhibitor Representative.” One of these individuals must be present at the event site to claim the exhibitor passes associated with the exhibitor’s reservation, or they will not be released. The exhibitor staff will make an attempt to contact exhibitors whose contracts do not specifically indicate an On-Site Representative to ensure that the staff has the name of at least one person who should receive their exhibitor admissions. The individual so-named should bring legal photo identification for the event staff.

The undersigned persons, being duly appointed representatives of  and a duly appointed representative of the independent commercial entity (the exhibitor) named in this contract (generally throughout and specifically below), respectively, do hereby agree to abide by the terms of this contract. By signing and dating this contract, each party makes the claim that they have read, understood, and agreed to this contract in its entirety. The signing representative(s) agrees(s) that the terms of this contract will also be adhered to by all agents representing each party at Fan World. The exhibitor acknowledges any breach of the terms of this contract from the time that it is signed by both parties until the termination of its terms as specified in the contract may result in the voiding of all terms and the termination of said exhibitor’s participation in Fan World without refund or recompense of any fees or costs incurred. Fan World reserves the right to terminate a contract at any time without prior notification, and the exhibitor agrees to waive any actual or perceived rights or privileges to any form of compensation by  within the limits of the law (if applicable) should  terminate this contract at any time.
Exhibitor Information, Signature, On-Site Representative
Name of Exhibitor (commercial entity): *
Contact Information (Address, Telephone, E-mail, etc.) *
Those signing below agree to the terms stated throughout this agreement, including those regarding all waivers and liability, and indemnification, of Fan World, its agents, and the venue. Thank you.

Exhibitors are also required to provide legal documentation (permits, tax documentation, etc.) and payment, along with this completed agreement.
Exhibitor Agent Name (One who “checks-in”): *
Date: *
This agreement and its content was finalized on January 14, 2018
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