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2019 Rotan ISD Survey
Please answer the following questions. We appreciate your participation in this survey to continue to make Rotan ISD the school of choice.
In the past year, how often have you visited Rotan ISD?
How satisfied, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the worst and 5 the best, are you with the equity of treatment of your child by staff and teachers at RISD?
A score of 3 or below, please explain
Your answer
How many times a month do you access the school website?
How many times a month do you access your child's grades in Parent Portal online?
Do you feel you have been appropriately informed of the Dual Credit opportunities available through Rotan ISD?
Do you feel your student has sufficient Dual Credit opportunities at RISD?
If your answer is no, please give suggestions for improvement.
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Do you feel the RISD website,, is user friendly?
Please explain:
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How often does the following keep you from being involved with the school? check all that apply
How often do you do the following with your child at home?
Twice a week
Once a week
Once a month
Supervise Homework
Talk about their day
Practice math problems
How often do you attend the following?
almost always
Room Parent Meeting
Parent/teacher conferences
Scheduled school events/performances
Raise funds for the school
If you answered "never" on any of the above, please explain why and give a suggestion Rotan ISD can do to change this to "almost always."
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