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Regional General Board Application
Welcome to the Tzafon Regional General Board Application! Clicking this link is already a big step in becoming a leader in the best region in USY. Our R.G.B. members are passionate, talented, and committed to Tzafon, and the Regional Executive Board is excited to review your applications.

The Tzafon Regional General Board is made up of various positions, each working under a Regional Executive Board member, each in charge of a different aspect of Tzafon. As a member of the RGB you will have the responsibility of working with your REB member throughout the year on projects that you initiate as well as those delegated to you by your overseeing officer. You will also be recognized as a member of the leadership in Tzafon, with all the responsibilities that the position entails. RGB members should attend all regional conventions if possible, including Encampment, REB/RGB/Chapter Board Overnight, Fall Kallah, Sprinter, and Kinnus Gadol.

NOTE: After giving your initial information, you will go through short descriptions of each R.G.B. role listed by overseeing officer. Afterwards, you will have the option to list up to three RGB positions for which you would like to apply.

The 2017-2018 Tzafon Regional Executive Board wishes you the best of luck with your application!!

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