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TL;DR: Want to give a presentation or workshop on Saturday 4 April 2015?
Fill in the form.

More info:


Yes!!!! It's that time again, Ze New Line is upon us! Rejoice!
As every year we invite hackers, makers, coders, artists and
all our drinking buddies to this un-conference-like party.

Visitors of the past editions know: It's a small conference,
you come over to be yourself and meet a lot of new (and old)

Reply to this CFP sign up with a small talk, a demo, a show
and tell. And we will welcome you to our event with great

Talk rooms are very small and cozy and our visitors don't bite.

It's really not a real conference unless you share a bit of your
interests. Really, the best way to enjoy this event is to give a
talk and share some of the stuff you care about.

What can you talk about? Simple answer: Plenty of things.

There are different tracks:

- I <3 Foo:
{You've got some piece of software/hardware/technology you love, but
you didn't write it, never even submitted a well written bug report.
Yet Foo makes your life easier/more fun/less boring. Come over and
share your experiences with us! Tell us what we're missing.}

- I do Bar:
{You've got some practical skill, in-depth knowledge about Bar, you can
share with your fellow hackers. You're not the talker but more action-
oriented. Cool! Give us some Idea what you want to do, and we'll get
some interested people in a small and cozy room with you. But not too

- I know Baz:
{Awesome, your in-dept knowledge on Baz will enlighten us all, you're
the kind of speaker that can keep a room on the edge of their seat for
an hour and still, keep the questions flowing after the talk}

- I think qux:
{Here are you, with your opinion. You want to give a political, philoso-
phical, ethical statement. You want to pitch an idea and welcome comments.
You're a pastafarian that wants new followers, a politician without voters,
a rebel without a cause/clue. Feel free to join us, we'll dust off our
soapbox for ya.}

We need the following to make this a great event:
- Short accessible talks (20min or less)
- Longer In-depth talks (30min or longer)
- Workshops
- Demo's
- Performances

Excited? So are we!

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