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Volunteer's for Second Life Syndicate
We are looking for people to help us out with Second Life Syndicate. If you want to help with either the site, writing articles, finding awesome stuff or helping with events/hunts/activities then please read these rules and fill in the form.

• Discord, this is how we communicate. Voice is optimal but not mandatory.
• Be able to write fluently in English
• Have experience with WordPress
• Be active, stay active.
• Be open to being assigned tasks or topics

Not required but very helpful
• Have and use Facebook to share posts
• Have writing experience (if required for your position)
• Be willing to talk on a regular basis even if its not work related. We are a chatty bunch!

No experience is required, so don't feel bad if you have never done these things before. If you are active and dedicated then you are the type of person we are looking for. So please do not feel intimidated by this form if you have no previous experience to share.

What is your Second Life user name?
Not display name
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What is your Display name?
Only required if different from username
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Discord Name
This is a requirement you must have. This is how we communicate mostly.
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This is not required but helpful.
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Position(s) you are applying for.
You can apply for more then one, click all the ones you would like to apply for.
Article Writers:
We are looking for writers for our website. We require that you post an article at least once a week in your chosen category of Second Life, although it doesn't have to always be that. For example if you are a Male Fashion writer but one week want to write about an awesome furniture store, go for it! Just make sure most of your posts fit the Male Fashion category. Below please list the type or types of articles you would like to write about (example, Male Fashion, Freebies, Events, Activities). If you have any previous experience please tell us about it.
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Event / Hunt / Activity Helpers:
We are looking for people to help out with events. Examples of tasks you maybe given: sending out promotional material to designers and on social media. Brainstorming events. Helping with set up. Helping moderate chat and answer questions. Etc. If you agree to this please let us know below by saying Yes. If you have any previous experience then feel free to tell us about it.
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Explorer / Finder of Cool Stuff
Do you love exploring and discovering in SL? Well then maybe you could help us out by sharing your finds with us. This could be freebies, games, events, beautiful locations, carnivals, or just anything cool and exciting. You will be required to find at least 5 new things each week for us to add to the website. Some of these finds maybe used by Article Writers if they find them very interesting. If you would like to apply for this position please let us know what kinds of things you like to explore and discover in SL below. You do not have to stick to your chosen categories, we just want a general idea of what you will be finding.
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Moderator / Media Helper
We are looking for people to help out with Facebook, Discord and in-world groups. You job will basically be asked to moderate chat, answer questions, and promote SLS things. If you are interested in this position then please let us know below and tell us of any previous experience you have,
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Is there another role you think we need help with and you would like to fill? Let us know!
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By agreeing to this statement you are acknowledging you have read the requirements of the SLS Team and your potential role in it. You acknowledge that this is not a paid role, we are all just a passionate group of people wanting to bring some fun back into Second Life. You agree to be active and fun and to not eat all the pizza yourself but to share the pizza with everyone because not sharing pizza is mean.
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