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Ann Rogers Scholarship Application 2019-2020
The due date for completion of this application and receipt of all supporting documents is: January 17, 2020

The Ann Rogers Scholarship is funded by the Texas Social Studies Supervisors Association, a non-profit, tax-exempt entity chartered under the laws of the State of Texas. The scholarship was created to provide scholarship funds for student teachers doing his/her student teaching in social studies in the state of Texas. This $1000 scholarship will be paid directly to the student teacher after official proof of registration is shown.

Ann Rogers was the Director of Social Studies for the Texas Education Agency for ten years. She spend her years in that position championing the needs of social studies teachers across the state of Texas. She has encouraged and enabled the excellence of social studies instruction in the state of Texas and has guided the writing and implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. This scholarship was created to honor Ann Rogers and her vision of the teaching of social studies in Texas.

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