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TLSSE Consulting
We are pleased to offer the request for information for TLSSE Consulting.

As part of EGS compliance process and internal due diligence, we require all potential source partners to confirm through this document. The internal procedures they undertake to ensure legislative and regulatory compliance specifically data protection and consumer information compliance.

For our analysis, we require below mentioned details to understand your shill enhancement requirements.
The Purpose of this form is to Enhance your skills for improvement in current role or in next job and if working professional than increase in your organization's growth through
TLSSE Consulting
-Theory of Constraints fundamentals (T)
-Lean Six sigma (L)
-Six Sigma (S)
-MS Excel Basics (E)

by Ennate Global Services (EGS),(Smart Managed Solutions-SMS) Noida, India. We request you to please fill & submit it for your requirements.
*Before submitting, request you to review it.

All your responses will be kept strictly confidential. Your identity will not be linked to your survey responses.
Your information will be combined with information from other people taking part in the study.


After you fill out this order request, we will contact you to go over details and availability before the order is completed. If you would like faster service and direct information on current services and pricing, please contact us at (+91) (0120) 421-4442 or

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