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Student Input at CSU Board Meetings
The board of directors of the Capilano Students' Union values students' input on the issues that matter to them, and so time is reserved at each biweekly meeting for students to address the board (which is made up of elected student leaders) on any issue that a student believes should be brought to the board's attention. Each student speaker may speak for up three minutes, and we reserve up to 15 minutes for this purpose at each meeting.

The dates and times of upcoming board meetings can be found on the CSU meeting calendar.

Important notes:
  1. Once you have completed this form, our office coordinator will be in touch to confirm the next available date on which there is a Public Input spot available for you. Once your date has been confirmed, more detailed instructions on joining the meeting and providing remarks will be provided by our office coordinator.
  2. While our board meetings usually start at 2:30pm or shortly after, and we expect that the student input period will usually run from about 2:35–2:50pm, please note that the actual start time may be affected by board members' arrival times and attendance, technical issues, motions from board members that might suspend the rules or alter the board meeting's order of business, or other unexpected business.
  3. Please note that, under our board meeting procedures (BD-10.1), a matter raised during Public Input will not be discussed by the board of directors immediately; however, if a board member feels that further discussion is necessary, any board member may propose to refer your topic to a board committee for study.

Privacy Note: The Capilano Students' Union collects the personal information that you provide on this form only for the purpose of administering your participation in the Public Input period of our board meetings. For more information how we manage your personal information visit
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What is your preferred name (first and last)? *
Your preferred name is used in our correspondence with you, and will be listed in (a) the meeting agenda under the Public Input section, and (b) the minutes of the board of directors meeting at which you present your remarks to the board of directors. Please note that our meeting agendas and meeting minutes are available on the Capilano Students' Union website (at, and are available for viewing by members of the public.
What is your Capilano University email address? *
Your Capilano University email address (ending in is used for our correspondence with you. We use your university email address to ensure that you are a Capilano University student (and a member of the Capilano Students' Union). Your email address will only be used by students' union officials who require it to administer your participation.
What is the topic you're speaking on? *
The topic on which you're requesting to speak will be listed next to your name on the meeting agenda. You only need to provide a few words (for example: "high prices of textbooks," "idea for a new student service," or "discrimination in the classroom").
Do you have slides or visual aids that you would like to present or circulate to board members to accompany your remarks? *
If you provide slides or visual aids to be circulated to board members, those slides or visual aids will be accessible in the meeting agenda and the meeting minutes. Please note that our meeting agendas and meeting minutes are available on the Capilano Students' Union website (at, and are available for viewing by members of the public.
By checking this box, you agree to treat all board members, staff, and guests of the Capilano Students' Union respectfully and courteously, and to follow the Harassment-free Workplace Policy (HR-03) when providing remarks under the Public Input period. *
The board meeting procedures (BD-10.1), adopted by the board of directors of the Capilano Students' Union, requires that any participant in the Public Input period must agree to a standard of respectful and courteous conduct in interacting with board members, staff, and guests, and that they must agree to follow the harassment-free workplace policy (HR-03).
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