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(a) Are all the Buildings on your campus networked together?
If answer to (a) is yes, please choose type of connection
(b) Does each building have a functional Local Area Network (LAN)?
(c) Do you have a Data-centre dedicated for the campus network?
What type of data-centre do you have?
Do you have dedicated internet access on campus?
What is the capacity?
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(a) Does your institution have a centralized portal?
If yes, does it include a website?
(b) Do staff members access the website via off-campus networks?
Does each course has a website with schedule, syllabus, assignments, etc.?
If yes, is it in use?
Are students' records & transcripts, staff records , etc. in your institution digitized?
If yes, what is the extent of digitization?
Please state reason for partial digitization?
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3. What are the capabilities of Applications on your network? (tick all that applies)
4. What do you think would benefit your institution the most in terms of ICT Infrastructure & Application? (fill in the main points)
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5. NgREN Deployment and Usage
(a) Is your institution a participant in the NgREN network?
(b) If yes, are you utilizing the full STM-1 bandwidth?
(c) If no, please what are the limiting factors?
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(d) What is the frequency of use of Video Conference?
(e) For what purpose(s) have you deployed this technology?
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(f) How would you rate the quality of this service?
(i) How many of the video-conference calls are local?
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(ii) How many of the video-conference calls are international?
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(iii) How many of the video conference calls are with other institutions in Nigeria?
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(iv) How many of the video conference calls are with other institutions on the REN network internationally?
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