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Awards Nomination Form
This form is for nominating a SDAND Dietitian or Dietetic Technician for one of the following awards:

Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year (RYDY)
Outstanding Dietitian of the Year (ODY)
Emerging Dietetic Leader (EDL)
Outstanding Preceptor of the Year (OPY)
Recognized Dietetic Technician of the Year (RDTY)

What is your first & last name? *
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What category is this nomination for? *
Who are you nominating? List first and last name. *
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If nominating for the Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year award, can you confirm that the nominee is 35 years or younger? *
If nominating for the Emerging Dietetic Leader award, can you confirm that the nominee has been a dietitian and a member of AND for > 5 years but no more than 10 years? *
Where does the nominee currently work and what position do they hold? *
Please explain any past work experiences and/or positions of the nominee that relate to this nomination. *
Why do you feel this person is worthy of this nomination? *
What leadership roles has this person held in professional organizations? *
List examples of how this nominee has demonstrated leadership and involvement in his or her community. *
What is this nominee's involvement as a preceptor and/or with dietetic students? *
Are there any other comments or information you’d like to share about this nominee? *
If nominating for the Outstanding Preceptor Award, please upload letter(s) of recommendation here.
If you are not able to upload a file(s), please email letters to and request that your email be forwarded to the nominating committee. If not nominating for OPY, you can leave this question blank.
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