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Apply to create a d@w Local Group
We are thrilled that you would like to apply to start a d@w Local Group! Our groups exist for the reasons listed below:

EDUCATE. In others words, groups are a space for people to learn about worker ownership and self-direction of enterprises as a cure for capitalism.

CONNECT. In our view, worker cooperatives offer a solution to many intersectional problems. Therefore, finding and connecting with other leftist groups in your area will help not only their cause, but also yours as a d@w group.

In essence, by launching and consistently operating a d@w group, you help create a positive cultural shift toward workplace democracy and worker ownership in your community.

Please note…
We aren’t necessarily looking only for seasoned activists or organizers. Such experience is by no means a requirement and enthusiasm is highly valued!

Here is a how the Application Process will work…
1) You read the d@w Local Groups - Terms and Conditions document.
2) You fill out the d@w Local Group Application Form and send it to the Public Engagement Manager, Liz Phillips at
3) Within 1 week of your submission, the PEM will respond.
4) If your application moves to the next step, the PEM will schedule a video call to get to know you more, talk about your city and your ideas of how to get started.
5) Within 1 week of your video call, the PEM will respond to let you know if you’ve been approved as a group. You will then also receive your email and logo.
6) You schedule your first meeting, the PEM lists your group and meeting on the website and sends a localized email blast to your area.

Then you’re off!

Any other questions? Write the Public Engagement Manager, Liz Phillips at

Proposed Location *
Groups are listed in "d@w-[LOCATION]" format. (Examples: d@w-NYC, d@w-Los Angeles, d@w-Chapman University)
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Name, Email, Phone, and Brief (2 sentence) Bio of all applicants. *
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We find that groups are more successful when there are multiple volunteers in leadership and run cooperatively... IF YOU ARE THE ONLY APPLICANT, do you feel comfortable starting a group on your own and recruiting fellow co-leaders in your first few months?
If you answered "No" or "Maybe" to the question above, would you prefer we keep your contact and list your city as a "Potential Group" on our website?
How did you first hear about d@w, and d@w Local Groups? *
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Why do you want to start a d@w Local Group? *
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Do you know of any co-ops in your city?
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Does your city have any existing co-op related groups, incubators or developers that you know of?
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Do you currently have any connection to or knowledge of other activist groups in your area who may be interested in co-ops or that have related social / economic justice goals?
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Are you able to commit to holding monthly meetings? *
Have all applicants read, understood and agreed to the Guidelines & Expectations document? *
Within the Guidelines & Expectations form, were there any ideas that stood out to you that you would like to implement in your meetings?
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What is your level of comfortability with leading discussions based on readings / texts? *
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What is your level of comfortability with talking to strangers?
Very comfortable
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Do you have the desire or ability to do any of the following outreach activities?
Do you have the desire or ability to do any of the following content creation, or are you interested in prioritizing them in your group? If so, please describe.
Do you have any else to share that you would like taken into consideration?
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Thank you for your application!
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