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Additionally, if you're interested to participate, you can participate in the active survey here: and I will follow up with you as best and as quickly as I am able when there's enough folks to fill out a group. LEARN MORE about how to run a Peer Incubator by checking out the resources in this drive folder:

༺ 🌜 Welcome 🌛 ༻

Are you working on a business, initiative, or project that aims to promote a significant change in a community or system? Do you want to grow alongside others who are also navigating challenges related to fulfilling their impact goals or intentions?

This will be a space where we can hold ourselves accountable in the work of nurturing and sustaining our projects, our relationships, and our selves. The value may vary, but often includes mutual support, belonging and inspiration; let's do that for each other with our focus on each others' development and our social change work in communities and beyond.

You can think of this as a "peer incubator", "care pod" or "crew". These seeds were initially planted, in part, by Enspiral ( A core part of Enspiral's mission is “getting more people working on stuff that matters”. Care, trust, and generosity are critical. They're foundational to our intention to help each other continuously transition into work with greater meaning and benefit that goes beyond our selves.

This work is never finished, which is why we come together in groups to learn and share in a way that may serve us all. This is sometimes about “how we do what we do” and culture. And sometimes it’s about building a specific program to leverage an opportunity for a healthier society and world—to flourish in face of the challenges and mysteries of creating a future together.

Can we get together online in a way that helps some of us take leaps forward in key projects we're focused on?
Even if you already work on stuff that matters, can we help you work better on stuff that matters, or focus you so you work on something that matters more?

Sign up to co-create a group (experimentally) designed to mutually inspire one another to progress towards greater impact.
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How much time, energy, or other resources could you commit to a cohort exploring how to help one another with your ventures/ ideas/ initiatives?
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What key words would you use to describe the territory you're grappling with in this next quarter? (please list)
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