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Kettering Education Foundation Grant Application
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Grant Application
- Application must be submitted on or before April 1st of the upcoming school year.

- Your proposal must be submitted on-line through this application form to be considered

- You will receive a copy of your proposal via email. All materials become the property of KEF and will not be returned.

- Additional documentation that supports your application (documents, presentations, etc) can be sent as an attachment in a separate email to:

The file name must include your name and school.

Project Information
Project Title: *
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Project Description
State as specifically as possible a description of your project, its purpose (needs, goals, objectives), where, when, and under what conditions activities will take place.
Please refer to Kettering Education program guidelines for more information. Additional documents (word documents, presentations, etc.) can be sent as an attachment in a separate email to The file name must include your name and school.
Project Description: *
Project Results
What specific results will this project have for students? How will you measure these results?
Project Results *
Do not include tax - KEF is tax exempt Total cost cannot exceed $1000 for new grants or $500 for renewals.
Please list Item and Costs *
Describe additional materials, labor, or dollars which will be devoted to this project. (e.g. donations, volunteer labor, other grants, school funds): Item Provided by Estimated Value $ *
By affording my signature, I certify the following:
- All information contained herein is true and correct.
- I (We) have reviewed this proposal.
- If the grant is awarded:
I will submit an interim report.
I will submit a summary report, accounting for all expenditures, no later than the last day of the school year during which the project is implemented.
I will reimburse any unspent funds to Kettering Education Foundation.
- I accept the decision of the KEF Grants Committee.
- I will submit to the KEF finished project description, letters of thanks, and photo documentation of finished project. I will submit this required information on or before May 1st of the school year for which the grant was awarded.
This submittal will automatically forwarded to your principal.
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