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Does your workplace need a chaplain?
Spiritual needs don't end at the start of the work day, say David W. Miller and James Dennis LoRusso of the Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative.

Do you agree?

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1. My workplace has a chaplain.
2. I have talked to a chaplain about a work-related issue.
3. I would go to a chaplain if my employer offered one.
4. I would feel comfortable reaching out to a non-Catholic chaplain for spiritual support at work.
5. I’ll go to my priest with a spiritual problem—not a chaplain at my workplace.
6. Religious figures—even chaplains—should be kept out of secular workplaces.
7. I have felt spiritually and emotionally drained at work.
8. I know someone who is spiritually and emotionally drained at work.
9. I know someone at my workplace who could use a chaplain.
10. Hiring chaplains allows companies to avoid instituting other just and fair labor practices.
11. Having a chaplain at work would/does allow me to be more intentional about my faith.
12. Counselors or employee assistant programs can do everything a chaplain can.
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