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ERAC Alumni Talks Application
We are in search for the stories that will change our perspective, challenge the way we think and take us on a journey of a self discovery.

Alumni Talks - 12 minutes' speeches - it may seem little, but it can mean a lot to a person listening to you.

Our delegates differ quite a lot regarding age, geographical location and career paths.
Our goal is to empower them to make better decisions about the world we live in on professional and personal level.

If you think you've got the topic to advance and accelerate the conversation on an important issue, you're shaking up your field or are an innovator, bring new trends and break through thinking in science, technology, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, you've got a big story or a wild cards from the future. APPLY NOW!

You need to register as a delegate to apply.

If you have questions, please feel free to send them to

Deadline for submission - 2nd April 2019
Selected Alumni will be informed 5-10 days after the deadline.

Good Luck!
ERAC Conference team

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