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2016 Internship Application
If you have any questions about this form or do not get an email response about your application within three (3) business days, please contact Amy Kessler at or call 503-233-3018.

Thanks for your interest in our internship program. The Bus Project aims to build a leadership development experience for people that are interested in combining hands-on service with powerful connections to both a local and national network of progressive leaders.

The internship consists of hands-on learning from people engaged at all levels of the political process in Oregon (policy makers, activists, elected officials, badass organization leaders, and more)! Along with weekly classroom sessions, fellows will also have the opportunity to go out on the field to both register and educate voters.

Of course, there is only so much information we can give you before it becomes self-righteous. So let's move on to you! That's what we're really here for, right?

Basics: What's your sign? (not really, but we do need your basic info!)
What's your name? *
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School? (if applicable) *
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Age/year in school? *
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Email? *
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Phone number? *
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Gender pronouns
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How did you hear about this internship? *
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Tell us more about yourself
We want to know a bit about you before we go ahead to the official paper work. No need to write short novels in these sections--just give us a taste!
Have you ever been involved in the Bus Project before? Have you ever attended our events?
If yes, please describe your involvement
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Here at the Bus Project, we've got a couple of issues that we're passionate about. We're also pretty into alliteration. Hence, the 6 Es! *
Please rank in order of 1-6 which you personally find to be the most important (1 being the most important, 6 being the least important). You may have to scroll left to right to see all options.
Election Reform
Equal Rights
Economic Justice
'Ealth Care (health care--get it?)
(1) Most important. Seriously, THIS ONE!
(2) Also pretty important, but not the most important
(3) Moderately important
(4) Still important, but not up there on my priority list
(5) Second to least important to me
(6) Out of these issues, this one is the lowest for me
If you want to expand on your 6 Es breakdown, you can do so here
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What's your issue? How do you hope to make a difference? *
Please include in your response what you see as the most pressing political issue, and what you see as the strategies that may be used to bring about change
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What is your past experience in community organizing or leadership? *
If you don't have a lot of experience, that's ok! We're not here to pick out "good" leaders from "bad" leaders--we're just here to help build better leaders for the future!
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What skills and talents will you bring to the Bus Project? *
All professional and/or silly skills/talents are welcomed and appreciated
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What do you hope to gain or accomplish by being an intern at the Bus Project? The list below can be used to spark ideas *
Some skills are: professional development, event planning, outreach, fundraising, graphic design, communications work, press releases and press conferences, social internet advocacy, lobbying, etc.
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Anything else we should know about you, your interest in us, or your skills?
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Who/what is your patronus? *
It's cool if you have to Google what a "patronus" is, so did our Leadership Development Coordinator. Could be a musician, a politician, a comic book character, an animal, or a really cool dead person you read about one time. Who or what resonates with you?
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