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Bounty Claim Form
To claim your bounty of Genesis Coins, please fill in this form carefully.

Below you will see every reward for each bounty. Fill in only the ones you have completed along with providing your evidence as requested.

Any forms not completed correctly or not following the rules will be thrown out.

Make sure that for all URLs you include http://

Email address *
Write an Article (Give URL)
Produce YouTube video (Give URL)
Translation - 1000 Genesis Coins (Give URL)
Mercatox Listing - 25,000 Genesis Coins
Please provide URL of Mercatox Listing as well as evidence to prove you got us listed.
Cryptopia Listing - 100,000 Genesis Coins
Please provide URL of Genesis Coin's listing on Cryptopia as well as any further evidence.
Provide Public Wallet Address to Receive Bounty Reward *
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