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Hartley Family Youth Sailing Scholarship Application
The Hartley Family Youth Sailing Scholarship was created in honor of Tom Hartley, on behalf of his family, to allow children who may not otherwise be able, the opportunity to experience the fun of sailing. The scholarship allows children to learn about water safety and sailing while developing leadership and life skills.

Scholarships cover the cost for one class and an additional $50 to be used for incidentals (sailing equipment, transportation expenses, etc.) Each year one or more scholarship(s) will be awarded to youth that meet the following criteria:
• Ages 6-15;
• Financial, transportation or other barriers;
• Interest in sailing and able to attend all class sessions.

The deadline for applications is June 1st of each year.

If you have questions about the scholarship, please contact Jackie Hartley at
If you have questions about the Kenosha Community Sailing Center classes, please contact Bettie Wescott at
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