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Lorry Segal Israel Travel Grant Application
The Center for Israel Studies at American University welcomes applicants for the Lorry Segal Israel Study Travel Grant who are planning to study in Israel during the coming academic year.

This application is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who possess a strong interest in Israeli politics, society and culture. Eligibility is restricted to AU undergraduate students studying at an Israeli University with AU Abroad or AU undergraduate or graduate students traveling to Israel with American University faculty as part of an AU academic program. The awarding of the grant will be made once proof of enrollment in a program is established.

The maximum Lorry Segal Study Abroad Travel Grant award is $800. Grant recipients will be judged on merit and an essay (no more than 250 words) explaining how study abroad in Israel fits into your broader program of studies and career goals. Applications should be submitted by the following dates.

For Academic Year 2021-22: 03/05/21
For Fall 2021 Study Abroad: 03/05/21
For Spring 2022 Study Abroad: 10/15/2021
For Summer 2022 Study Abroad: 03/05/22
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