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2018 Wyoming FFA Camp Counselor Application Due April 30, 2018
To be filled out by all prospective camp counselors and staff. This year, just like years in the past, the directors want to focus on building a counselor team that is cohesive and team focused. We have been blessed the passed couple of years with large amounts of counselors, this year we may explore utilizing counselors for only one session based on the counselor team we are building, your availability, camper numbers, and counselor numbers.

We will also be conducting phone interviews with all counselors prior to counselor selection.

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Cell Phone *
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Birthday *
Must be 18 or older and have attended two camps as a camper or state officer.
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How many years have you attended camp as a counselor? *
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Will you be available May 5th for a mandatory counselor/facilitation day training in Casper? *
Session Availability *
Session Preferance *
Over the past couple of years we have been blessed with great counselor interest. If we have more than the needed number of counselors for each session, which would you prefer?
T-Shirt Size *
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Not available for the whole session?
We realize not all good help is available for all of camp but we still welcome you to apply. Please indicate days you are available and what you would be interested in helping with at camp.
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Staff Positions
Would you be interested in filling any of these roles at camp? Tech director duties could include providing music in the lodge, AV, Slideshow, among other duties. We need more cooks and thought maybe some counselors might be interested in filling one of those positions for a session. Also let us know of other staff needs camp might have in your opinion.
Why would you like to become a camp counselor? *
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Workshop Ideas *
Please keep in mind, we would like to make sure that the students are getting everything they can out of these workshops and a large part of that is reflection and processing questions. What are three great go to questions that can be used to reflect on any workshop to get students involved and thinking?
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List and explain two activities not FFA related that have prepared you to be a counselor at FFA camp. *
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Camp Purpose *
If camp accomplished nothing else what is the one thing in your opinion that you would strive to impart upon the members?
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