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Tesla Works Project Application Form
Welcome! We're excited that you want to start a project with Tesla Works. Once your Project Application Form has been received, your project has officially begun!
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What inspired you to do this project?
Projects are exciting. Articulating what interests you will inspire others to join your team.
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What type of people might be interested in this project?
Projects are team endeavors. People with what interests are likely to be interested in this project? Welcome students who have lots of project experience and those who don't have any.
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What is the first goal on the way to completing your project?
Projects often involve the creation of a first prototype or minimum viable product.
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What resources will you need to complete your project?
This might include money, materials, training, a faculty advisor, etc.
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What do you anticipate will be the most challenging aspect of your project?
Projects face road blocks. Thinking ahead will help you when you're stuck.
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What will be the final culmination of your project?
Projects are driven by a final goal. How will you implement, showcase, or celebrate your work?
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Anything else?
Feel free to leave questions and comments.
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