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The Society Missions Entry Form
For those participating in the Society Missions during the release of Jodie Andrefski's The Society
Please add each mission's link in the appropriate box
You do not have to complete each mission, but do your best because each one is worth a separate entry.
Name *
Email address *
Week 1 Mission 1 Link: Notecards
Week 1 Mission 2 Link: Pyramid
Week 1 Mission 3 Link: Social Media
Week 2 Mission 1 Link
Week 2 Mission 2 Link
Week 2 Mission 3 Link
Week 3 Mission 1 Link
Week 3 Mission 2 Link
Week 3 Mission 3 Link
Week 4 Mission 1 Link
Week 4 Mission 2 Link
Week 4 Mission 3 Link
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