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IFC 2019 Dealers Den Application
Welcome to Hawi'IFC

Responses can be edited if information changes.

Email address *
Dealer Name *
Business Name or how you want to be presented on a map.
Dealer's Legal Name *
Dealer's Preferred Name
Badge name
Dealer's Website
Dealer's Description (More is better) *
Such as the medium you work with, a general list of what you plan on selling, the setup you may have for your table(s), if you have acrobats, or anything else that may be of importance with our decisions with den layouts and who to select.
How many 3 foot half tables sections do you want? *
$30 for a half section, $60 for a full table.
Do you need power? *
*Free* with table if you need it.
Do you have adult content *
If IFC were to have an adult section of the dealers den, would you want to be in it?
We will contact you before making final decisions if you answer "yes"
Other ways of contacting you.
Such as Telegram, Twitter, Text, other email addresses, carrier pigeon, or smoke signals.
Would you appreciate a telegram chat to help communication between dealers and organizers at the con?
Comments, concerns, requests, or other information we should be aware of.
Dealers you would like to be seated near, Dealers you would like to avoid. Locations such as near the wall, near the exit, near the water. Service animals, allergies, sound sensitivity, or anything not covered in this application that we should be aware of.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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