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2019 Will Koch Indiana Tourism Leadership Nomination Form
About the award:

The Indiana Office of Tourism Development (IOTD), in conjunction with the Koch family, is seeking nominations for the 2019 Will Koch Indiana Tourism Leadership Award. The annual award is designed to:

1. Celebrate and pay tribute to Will Koch’s many meaningful contributions to tourism, business and society;
2. Recognize outstanding accomplishments in economic and community development through tourism; and
3. Showcase the economic importance of Indiana’s tourism industry.

Named after the late Will Koch, the long-time owner and president of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari and chief executive officer of its parent company, Koch Development Corporation, the award honors Mr. Koch’s devotion to business and community and his lasting impact on the State of Indiana. A deserving Hoosier who demonstrates the following qualities will receive the award each year.

• Leadership qualities and ability to inspire others;
• Entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to invest in Indiana;
• Commitment to tourism and business development in Indiana;
• Dedication to improve Indiana’s travel and tourism profile; and
• Distinguished service to the community.

Nomination process:

The deadline for nominations is Friday, June 7, 2019. A committee will review all nominations and make a selection. Notification will be given to nominator by Friday, June 21. The award will be presented on Friday, August 16 at the Indiana State Fair.

To nominate a candidate, please complete the following steps:
• Fill out the form below.
• Email or mail the following documents together as a package by the stated deadline to the contact information provided below.
- Letters of support (addressed to Misty Weisensteiner, Executive Director, IOTD); and
- Resume, extensive biography or related documents

Documents must be completed and/or received by 4pm EST on June 7, 2019. Late nominations will not be accepted.
• The nomination form MUST be completed.
• Letters of support, resume, biographies and any related documents can be emailed to or mailed to:

Indiana Office of Tourism Development
Attention: Amy Howell
One North Capitol Ave., Ste. 600
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Please note that a nomination is valid for two years. Nominations that were made for the 2018 award will automatically be considered again in 2019. There is no need to submit a nomination form twice in two years, unless the nominator chooses to do so. If a nominee does not receive the award in two consecutive years following the nomination, another nomination form must be completed and submitted.
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