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WIN Bursary Criteria - Education
• Identify as female;
• Of Irish heritage;
• Organisation providing the education must be based in the United Kingdom and registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers.
However, education itself need not necessarily be UK-based, e.g. period of study abroad is allowable.
• Educational qualification level = Masters’ degree and above or the equivalent;
• Any subject area.
Stages of application
Stage 1: Application process.
A Committee will make the initial selection based on this application form, i.e. derive a short-list from the received
applications. The number of candidates short-listed will be at the discretion of the Committee.

Stage 2: Shortlisting (June)
• Shortlisted candidates to give an oral presentation of not more than 10 minutes summarising and updating their application before a quorum of the Charity Trustees.
• The Board will make the final selection with the Chair to have the casting vote.
The decision of the Board is conclusive and binding. There is no appeals

WIN Bursary Criteria - Arts
• Identify as female;
• Of Irish heritage;
• Any creative / creative arts related activity;
• If the activity is provided through / by an organisation, the organisation must be based in the UK and a member of the UK Arts Board.
• Activity must be undertaken in the UK
Conditions of Award
• For the WIN Bursary (Arts), there will be a one-off payment to the successful candidate on provision that it is specifically applied by the candidate for the disbursement of the relevant educational purpose of the bursary (The Bursary (Education) will be paid directly to the education provider);

• Successful applicant will agree to an amount of promotional activity, e.g. appearance at launch of bursary, name and photograph to be published on the WIN website and in other charitable materials and documentation.

• Successful applicant will give WIN an annual update on progress for the term of the bursary and for 1 year after successful completion of the course /creative activity

Evaluation / review process
• On completion of the course / creative activity, the successful applicant will engage with WIN for a period of 2 years on an annual basis to help evaluate / review the success / impact of the bursary.

• Feedback may include:
Updates to the questions asked on application, i.e. What difference did this bursary make to your career?
For example, did it help generate new income, create new employment for you and others, reach new audiences, advance
education and accessibility for others?
How did the bursary help you impact society? Feedback will be used to inform the bursary for future awards.

I have read and understand the above criteria. *
I consent to share my application and all of the information contained within it with the WIN bursary selection committee. I do this with the understanding that WIN will comply with the requirements of GDPR and all other applicable legislation. *
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