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Loco Bloco YAP Application 2016-2017
The Youth Apprentice Program (YAP) is a two-year leadership-training program for high school youth who are interested in using performing arts and CARNAVAL as a tool to strengthen and create change in their communities. Youth Apprentices (YA’s) have experience as participants in Loco Bloco’s programs and are ready to deepen their engagement with the organization and broader community. YA’s work in partnership with staff to deliver quality programming to the youth in Loco Bloco. In turn, they receive leadership training from an “Artivist” framework– acquiring the skills and outcomes necessary for utilizing art to create social change. Through the YAP, Loco Bloco aims to raise and support the next generation of artivists in San Francisco.

• Sophomore-Senior in high school
• Active Loco Bloco participant – Must have participated in at least one Carnaval, Winter Production and/or Summer Program.
• Committed and available to attend ALL YAP meetings and trainings & yearly events.
• Available to be an apprentice for a Loco Bloco instructor in after-school class at least one afternoon a week (Mondays 6-7:30pm, Wednesdays 4:30-6pm OR Thursdays 5:45-6:45pm)
• Committed and available to work Saturday Carnaval Rehearsals
9:30-2:00 – Saturdays – End of February to May

• Stipend on a semester-basis after completion of all tasks
• Registration fees waived for Loco Bloco’s events and programs
• Field-trips, retreats, excursion and travel opportunities
• A fun way to meet and hang out with new and old friends

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Describe your first Carnaval OR Winter Show OR Summer Program with Loco Bloco. How did it impact you?
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How do you want to use art to bring about positive change in your community?
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Describe your availability and time commitments. What else are you involved in and how much time does it take out of your week?
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