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Survey on the Second Series of “Clean Air and You” Video Clips
Following the launch of the first video series of “Clean Air and You”, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has produced the second series of five episodes focusing on topical issues, which address key air pollution and promote green living. It has been uploaded to its webpage 及 YouTube

EPD is conducting a questionnaire survey to gauge the usefulness of the video clips for reference in preparing future videos. Thank you for watching the video clips and completing this questionnaire. Please be assured that the information collected from this questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential and would only be used for internal reference.

Below please find the English version of the questionnaire. To avoid double counting of survey results, please only fill in either the Chinese or English questionnaire, not both. 以下為中文版問卷

1. How many “Clean Air and You” video clips have you watched? *
2. Which episode(s) do you like most? You can choose more than one answer. *
3. What is your overall rating of the “Clean Air and You” video clips? *
4. If you have selected "Poor" in Question 3, please specify the reasons.
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5. Can you understand the content of the “Clean Air and You” video clips? *
6. Could the “Clean Air and You” video clips help you better understand key air pollution as well as the actions you can take to live green? *
7. If you have selected "No" in Question 6, please specify the reasons.
Your answer
8. Would you look forward to watching more video clips of this kind in the near future? *
9. The average duration of the five “Clean Air and You” video clips is about three minutes. Do you find the duration appropriate? *
10. If you have selected "Too long" or "Too short" in Question 9, please specify the suggested duration for the video clips.
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11. For further “Clean Air and You” video clips, if any, what topics do you wish to cover? *
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