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Intelligenzia ry - Membership application
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All students that accept purpose of the association and belong to a student union of a Finnish university or university of applied sciences may apply for full membership (varsinainen jäsen).

Any other people that accept the purpose of the organization may apply for support membership (kannatusjäsen).

Full members have a right to vote at association meetings (yhdistyksen kokous) and run for board. Both full and support members have a right to attend association meetings and board meetings (hallituksen kokous).

The board will handle your application in the next board meeting. You will receive a notice of board's decision only if the application was rejected.
Purpose of the association
Yhdistyksen toiminnan tarkoituksena on toimia kognitiotieteen opiskelijoiden ja muiden kognitiotieteestä kiinnostuneiden etujärjestönä ja yhdyssiteenä. Yhdistys pyrkii edistämään opiskelun edellytyksiä, kehittämään kognitiotieteen opetusta sekä lujittamaan yhteydenpitoa alan tutkijoiden ja opiskelijoiden välillä. Yhdistys pyrkii tekemään kognitiotiedettä tunnetuksi sekä yliopistomaailmassa että sen ulkopuolella."

Informal translation:
The purpose of the association is to work as an advocacy group and networking environment for cognitive science students and other people interested in the topic. Association aims to improve the studying conditions and cognitive science teaching and facilitate the communications and networking between the researchers and students of cognitive science. Association's goal is to familiarize and popularize cognitive science both at the university level and in general.
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