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DESCENDANT OF THE CRANE preorder campaign *open internationally*
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LIBRARY REQUESTERS, please use this form instead:
Thank you for supporting my dreams <3 Have some swag!
You will receive 4 out of 5 character cards (randomly selected)...
AND a rose gold DESCENDANT OF THE CRANE bookmark.
campaign closes on 4/1/19 at 11:59PM EST
In the event that we run out of a certain supply, I will make note of it here so that no one is unpleasantly surprised by missing swag. As of 2/14/19, we are out of rose gold bookmarks BUT also at 420 preorders. When we get to 500, I will re-order the bookmarks. Any less, and shipping/manufacturing costs become too high. Thank you for understanding--I will keep this space updated.
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Enter your mailing address with your NAME and LINE SPACING (press shift+enter) exactly as it should appear on the envelope. ***NOT NECESSARY IF YOU'RE ORDERING THROUGH BOOKS OF WONDER--JUST WRITE "BOOKS OF WONDER" INSTEAD*** *
Please double check that your address is correct and properly sequenced for mail shipping from the USA. I will transcribe the address EXACTLY as you have entered it, and will not be able to re-post lost mail. *
All swag will be mailed on a rolling basis before--and up to--the release of the book. I would love to know that yours made it safely to you, so feel free to tag me and use #descendantofthecrane when you receive your pack!
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