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Job Application
Please fill out the following form. We are looking for energetic and outgoing people to work in our locations throughout Chicago: McCormick Place, Michigan Avenue, and Navy Pier. Past retail sales experience is useful, and being a fan of one of our city's incredible sports teams can't hurt either! Please note Chicago Sports & Novelty is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, military status, Northside/Southside, ketchup/no ketchup, thin crust/deep dish, etc... If you think you have what it takes to work in a great place and have fun while doing so, we want to hear from you!!
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Most shifts end at 8:00 pm, however some locations require end times of 10:00 pm or midnight. Are you able to work later shifts if necessary? *
We try to stagger the times you would have to work late so that it is not the same person every time.
Are you willing to work the following? *
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Which of the following locations would you be interested in working at? *
Check all that apply - may be scheduled at different locations when work is available
Do you understand there is no on-site parking for any of the locations listed above? *
Please keep in mind when selecting locations able to work at. Must be able to reach location via public transportation or another means. There is a discounted parking option for Navy Pier but it is subject to block out dates each month.
There is a lot of standing throughout the shift, as well as stairs and lifting boxes (40lbs or lighter). Are you physically able to perform such tasks? *
If no, please explain below
Please explain "No" from previous question
Do you understand that this is a part time opportunity? *
We have some immediate needs as well as summer hours in the coming months that will need to be filled. Hours can range from 10-40 per week.
In retail last minute changes are a part of daily life. On a scale of 1 to 5 how flexible are you with last minute changes? *
Example: Someone called in sick, we call you the night before to see if you're available
Extremely limited flexibility
Very flexible
Please provide one to two references of an an individual who can speak on your behalf. Please include first and last name, phone number, e-mail address (if applicable), and relationship to you. *
Hopefully everyone has a mom, dad, grandma that thinks he/she is the greatest, so we don't need to hear from them! That being said we request your reference be from a school you attended or previous place of work.
Your main job will be assisting customers with product, stock replenishment, answering questions about product, providing direction to Chicago's tourists, and helping create a fan friendly environment. You will also be asked to assist in store maintenance such as vacuuming, cleaning windows, dusting, mopping floors, and other requests made by managers and leads. Are you willing to perform such tasks if able? *
Do you have any other experience, training, qualifications, or skills which you feel should be brought to our attention, in the case that they make you especially suited for working with us?
If yes please explain, if no please omit
Why do you want to work at Chicago Sports? *
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