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Share Your Story: Disability Art and Activism in Chicago
Chicago Disability Activism, Art, and Design: 1970s to Today presents the current results on ongoing research, collected in collaboration with Chicago disability artists and activists

We invite further contributions to flesh out this multifaceted history, as well as its continued legacy. Do you have experience working at the intersection of disability activism, art, or design in Chicago? What was your experience? What is the most important story to tell?

Contributions will be added to the exhibition on an ongoing basis, as well as an archive that Gallery 400 is collecting.

You may write a short or long-form response and upload files using the form below. Please indicate whether we can share your account as part of the exhibition at Gallery 400.

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I would help start the Metro DisAbilities Coalition in Louisville, Ky; assisted with the development of a state 501.c3 of Mental Health Customers (though the organization no longer exists), stage the first art shows at our conferences, and earn awards, (even being invited to the White House), the reality was the business, political and religious community seemingly could reject the option for economic development. I would write an article for the DisAbility Rag, that would attempt to capture the idea for a disability sensitive city (that even Justin Dart alluded to) but without presence at the board room table, the inclusive concept seems to be fleeting. Now, I am in a Low Res MFA program at SAIC.
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