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Seminar Change Request (Student Initiated)
Thank you for being a proactive student and submitting your request. Requests will be reviewed on Mondays and Tuesday morning. If the change is simple, a new schedule will be delivered to you Tuesday during period 5 or Wednesday during period 1. If it is more complicated, you may receive and email response or be called in to the counseling/Mrs. Roesch's office for further discussion. If you do not receive a response within a week or have any questions, please contact Rachel Roesch @
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Please check this regularly if you would like to get information about changing seminar.
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What teacher? What seminar? (Guided Studies, Study Hall, Targeted Tutorial, Peer Teacher) What subject? What room? Give us as much info as you can.
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Where do you prefer to be placed? Please include first through third choices in case your first choice is not available.
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Please tell us why you want to make this move.
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