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Social Host Fund
Funding is available to subsidize the purchase of substantial food and water for events with alcohol for student organizations, residence halls, and FSILGs. Please find that water is the only beverage that is eligible for reimbursement.

Substantial food consists of a variety & amount of food that can help offset the negative effects of alcohol.
Examples of substantial food include: pizza, burritos, pasta and other meals. It's suggested that you spend $3 per guest on food and water.

Guidelines for review of funding request:
Funding of $25-$100 per event is available. Amount of funding approved will depend on various event components.

A group consisting of staff from: AODS, FSILGs, URL and SAO will review each request for to determine qualification and determine amount of funding.

After review, the appropriate staff member (from the department where the request is originating) will respond to your organizations request. They will let you know if your event qualifies for funding and how much you are eligible to be reimbursed.

The final step for this will be to complete the after event requests and submit all itemized receipts, details of this will be provided in communications from a member of the funding team.

Please reach out to or with any funds specific inquiries.

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