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Huntress Moon series questionnaire
Thank you for participating in this questionnaire! Your answers will help me and my producers as we develop the Huntress books as a TV series and make casting and other decisions.

These questions are just suggestions, to get your mind working. You can answer all, a few, or just one – or ignore the questions and just write whatever comes to mind! Everyone who returns a questionnaire will be entered in an exclusive drawing to win a set of signed books or audiobooks.

You can also discuss these questions, see other people’s answers, and keep up with news about the books and show at:  


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                    -  Alex          

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The Huntress/FBI Thrillers
Who are your favorite characters? (Big and small)
Which character(s) would you like to see more of?
A lot of factors go into casting, and the process is unpredictable. But we’d love to hear who your dream cast would be! (Or any other suggestions you’d like to make).
What are the scenes you remember most from the books?
What were some of the most surprising moments in the books for you?
What do you want to see happen for Roarke/Cara?
What parts/scenes of the books did you NOT like? (Don’t be shy – this information helps!)
Do you think there is a supernatural/paranormal element in the stories? Would you like to see more or less of that in a TV series?
Are there favorite TV shows of yours that you think are like this series in theme, style, tone, etc.?
Fill in the blank:  I would recommend this series to fans of  ___________________                                 (What TV shows?)
Do you envision an end for these characters? What would you like to see, or what do you think is most likely to happen?
Do you have a favorite book in the series? Why that one?
Is there anything else about the books that you want to tell us?
Is there anything you’d like to ask us?
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