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Please Note: We have 4 minimum/18 maximum depending on the class. For classes that take a lot of space consider 10 maximum. Please advise if your requirements are different.

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Let us know if you have an email list (of potential students and/or other instructors) to send our branded emails to, as we will be providing marketing assistance.
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Photos* (for each class) Please email to us ASAP. We cannot complete the process without photos!
Please provide the following photos (these will be used for website and advertising/marketing purposes):
1. 1-3 Personal Photo/s (photo of you)
2. 2-5 Project sample photos (what students will make during the class)

Photo Size:
Largest: 1000 px x 1000 px (72 dpi)
Smallest: 800 px x 800 px (72 dpi)

Name each photo: "your last name, first name - Class Title"
Email to:
Email Subject: "Your Last, First Name - Instructor Photos"

Please be sure to name your photos correctly! We are managing many files and we wouldn't want them to get lost!

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