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Girls Rock Athens - Camp Workshop Proposal Plan
If you need any assistance completing this learning plan, please email or call, message, or email Executive Director directly.
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Workshop Title
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You will need to take and pass a background check. Will you consent to a background check? *
We will send you information to fill out for a background check if we choose your workshop
Which camp are you interested in presenting this workshop to?
Check as many you like!
Will You Need Assistant Instructors?
How many? Do you have anyone in mind?
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What age group are you designing this workshop for?
Our age ranges for Girls Rock Camp are from 9 to 15 years. If you feel we need to split up the groups by age for your workshop please let us know. If this is for Ladies Rock Camp the ages are 18 and up! See chart above to help identify age appropriateness. We have more information like this chart. You can request it at
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Workshop Summary
Let us know what your plan is for your time, try to break it down as detailed as you can here to plan for time. Most workshop slots are 45 minutes to an hour. If you need two workshop slots that MAY be possible.
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Is your workshop geared toward multiple learning styles?
Check all that apply
It will also be great to remember to include:
Engagement: multiple means of creating interest, challenge, or excitement
Representation: presenting info in multiple ways
Action and Expression: options for physical action, expression, strategy, etc
Workshop Materials Required
Create an entire list of what you need whether you are providing it or ask that we do. There is space in the next question to let us know which of these things you'd like us to obtain.
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Workshop Materials Required - Assistance needed
Please let us know what of the above materials you Need Girls Rock Athens to source or buy.
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Learning Goals
at the end of this workshop campers will be able to:
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Steps Toward Stated Goals
just give us an overview of the process steps in your workshop so we know what to expect and how these relate to your learning goals
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How do you believe this workshop connects with Girls Rock Athen's mission?
Girls Rock Athens is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls, women, and folks of marginalized genders of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities through music education, creation, and performance. We provide leadership opportunities, build self-esteem, and provide girls with a safe place to express themselves.
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In what ways will the campers be actively engaged during your workshop time?
(see meme at the top!) Sometimes presenting is necessary but how have you reserved time to make sure the campers are engaged in learning what you are presenting?
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Anything else you need us to know? Any questions?
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