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Mutual Aid UCSD - request, volunteer, organize!
****We are an all-volunteer grassroots group operating in Kumeyaay territories****

For the SPANISH TRANSLATION of this form click here:

Thank you for joining the growing call for "Solidarity Not Charity!" This effort is to support UCSD students, staff, and contingent faculty members in need of emergency food, finances, delivery of groceries/supplies, and/or academic and social support. This form has 4 parts:

You can donate directly to our Cashapp $mutualaiducsd and PayPal (accounts only for mutual aid donations/requests) or GoFundMe page:
We are especially asking those in our community who are full-time faculty to please consider donating!

100% of donated funds and supplies will be disbursed to those in our community most impacted by COVID-19. We are prioritizing Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color, as well as folks who are undocumented, queer, trans, immunocompromised, disabled, quarantined without pay, and/or elderly.

Your responses will be accessible only to the organizers. If you need deliveries or other services, we will match you up with someone who is able to volunteer that support, and will ask to share contact info for this purpose only.

If you have filled out this form once, please do not fill it out again. Due to limited funds, we are currently not accepting multiple requests from the same individual.

For a list of COVID-19 Resources for San Diego County from We All We Got SD click here:

Please share with your networks! Contact or visit our website for more information.
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Full address if you need anything picked up or delivered (must be within San Diego County)
*** IMPORTANT: We can ONLY make deliveries to the San Diego area. If you live in an area without an address, please put a PLUS CODE of your location. More information of this can be found at:
I identify as a Black person and/or Indigenous person. If you mark no, this does not mean that you will not receive aid. *
Please mark all that apply.
As a volunteer or an aid requester, would you prefer all communication to be in Spanish or in English?
This is so we can provide a translator for our organizers and make the process easier for you if you prefer to talk in Spanish.
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