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Monroe College Library Survey
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Please take a moment to help us improve your experience at the Monroe College Libraries.

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Where is your primary campus? *
Which program are you in? *
When visiting the library, which subjects do you use most often?
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What do you usually use in the library?
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Which databases do you use most often?
Are the library's electronic resources adequate for your research?
Are the library's print resources (books) adequate for your research?
Are the library's computers adequate?
How often have you used the Fordham University Library?
The library staff is helpful and knowledgeable.
How often do you request assistance from a librarian or library staff?
How often do you visit the library?
If the library were to extend the hours, when would you come to the library:
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How would you rate the library's atmosphere?
(is it quiet, clean and inviting?)
How would you rate your overall experience at the library?
Please tell us what you like most about the library.
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Please tell us what, the library can do to improve the service and resources.
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