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Creative Hub Survey
A new creative hub is on it's way to Coffs Harbour and the Mid North Coast. I have developed a series of workshops to gift the skills of creating and self expression to the next generations. With so many industries and skills closing down in our country and being lost in the noise of social technology, I feel it’s really important to provide our children an outlet for their own voices to shine and develop their self confidence.

These workshops will offer expert guidance and recommendations from professional thought leaders and provide a safe community for creative minds to connect. They will be able to share, engage, and plan towards their own future creative endeavours. Our Hub aims to be an avenue to trusted skilled professionals and trade partners that will give the kids across many age groups access to vendors and resources they need to thrive creatively and in the future, professionally should they choose to.

Your replies are truly invaluable to getting this business off the ground, so we thank you for taking time out to complete it for us.

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These workshops are all about creating opportunities for children and young adults to find self expression not only benefits the single person, but their families and communities in turn. I personally have seen frustrated kids find their voice in the creative arts before and feel it’s so important now more than ever to re-emerge these skills. With so many struggling in an ever evolving social climate, creativity can give them the freedom to emotionally and mentally release from their day to day life. If you would like to share any feedback below please do.
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If you would like to be kept informed as the workshops begin, please pop your email below and we will send out information to you.
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