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March 2017 Parent Survey
St. Hugo objective: We partner with families to help their children attain their academic and spiritual potential. Our objective is to produce the best graduates to be eligible to enroll at the high school of their choice and become highly successful in their future.

We are looking:
- To obtain parent’s perspective about whether they understand our shared objective of producing the best graduates for area high schools.

- To obtain ideas on how to continue to produce the best possible graduates.

- To obtain ideas on how parents would like us to assist them with their role as participants in the shared objective.

*****This survey is important to us. We really would like your feedback, so please feel free to include your comments at the end of each section.

1.1 The Catholic faith is nurtured at St. Hugo.
1.2 High expectations are set for all students at St. Hugo school.
1.3 My child is well prepared for their next grade level or after graduation.
1.4 Teachers give timely and helpful feedback on my child's schoolwork.
1.5 Teachers provide useful information about how to help my child do well in school.
1.6 The teachers motivate my child to learn and work hard.
Comments regarding Academic and Religious Preparation
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2.1 There is a teacher, counselor or other staff member at St. Hugo school to whom my child can go for help with a school or personal problem.
2.2 The administrative staff makes decisions that are in the best interests of the students.
2.3 My child enjoys school.
2.4 School Administration responds in a timely manner to requests.
2.5 Comments (Student Support and School Leadership)
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3.1 My child is safe at school.
3.2 Discipline is enforced fairly at my child's school.
3.3 St. Hugo school works to prevent negative student behavior.
3.4 Teachers and students respect one another at St. Hugo school.
3.5 Comments: ( Safety & Behavior)
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4.1 I/we feel welcome in my child's school.
4.2 I/we are kept informed about my child's assignments, homework and tests due dates.
4.3 I/we are kept informed about what's happening at our school.
4.4 I/we are kept informed about what my child is learning in school.
4.5 I/we am able to communicate in a timely manner with my student's teacher.
4.6 Comments (Parent Engagement)
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5.1 The school building is well-maintained.
5.2 The school yard and outdoor facilities are well-maintained.
5.3 I/we are very satisfied with the access my/our child has to computer equipment/PCs at school.
5.4 I/we are satisfied with the access to teaching materials (books etc.) that my/our child has at school.
5.5 Comments: Physical environment and materials at the school .
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