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Summer Program Scholarship 2020
College OPTIONS Summer Program Scholarship 2020
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The College OPTIONS Summer Program Scholarship cannot pay for transportation costs. How will you get to/from your summer program? *
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The maximum amount the of College OPTIONS Scholarship is the cost of the program or $2500, whichever is less. If your program is more than the $2500, how will you pay the balance of the cost? (If your program is less than $2500, just type "less than $2500".) *
What is the status of your summer program application? (Choose 1) *
Have you participated in a pre-college summer experience on a college campus previously? If yes, on what campus or campuses? *
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Are you in any of the following college access/opportunity program? Check all that apply. *
What is your parent's/parents' adjusted gross income for 2019? (Estimate if 2019 taxes are not yet completed.) *
If you do not feel like your family's adjusted gross income reflects your family's true financial situation, you may describe your situation below. (Examples: Excessive medical costs, a recent job loss or reduction in hours, etc.) *
How many people live in your household? *
Have you also applied for a scholarship/financial aid from the summer program that you would like to attend in addition to the College OPTIONS Summer Program Scholarship? *
Have you applied for the College Options Summer Program Scholarship previously?
Have you been awarded a College Options Summer Program Scholarship previously?
If you pursue a college degree after high school, will you be a first-generation college student? (Defined as a student for whom neither parent completed a four-year college degree.)
Have you ever traveled out of the state of California? If yes, to how many different states?
Have you ever traveled out of the United States? If yes, to what country or countries?
Please tell us why you want to attend this program and how it relates to your future educational and/or career goals. If this program focuses on coursework that is not available at your high school, be sure to include that information. Minimum 150 words, maximum 1000 words. *
After submitting this form, please email a copy of your student high school transcript that you have received from your high school counselor, as well as a letter of recommendation to Brad Williams at
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