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Customized Audio/Video Subliminals
Your Own Custom Subliminal Program Made to Order
What type of subliminal are you interested in? I have decided to release the customized MP3 subliminal service, due to plenty of requests from people for whom listening to stereo headphones is more efficient, suitable or enjoyable than watching a video. *
What is the subliminal about? Example: You might want to attract more money, to achieve financial security, to build self-confidence, to attract a sex or life partner, a particular object or destination or maybe you'd like to lose weight, to become wiser, stronger, happier etc. *
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Some of your questions about how the subliminal programs work could have the answer in this video.
You can find more information about customized content and watch demos from my portfolio by accessing the description links of this video.
What is your budget? Example: My prices are based on the duration of each program (10, 20 or 30 minutes long). I also build customized subliminal MP3 meditations to reprogram the subconscious mind, for $2/minute. *
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Read the video description for information about prices.
What will be your payment method? *
What is your e-mail address? I need your e-mail address to keep you informed about the work progress and for sending the final product to you. *
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Extra Notes. This is anything else regarding your request. Please note that you can make multiple requests by submitting more answers to this form.
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