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[300FIT token swap request for private wallet customers]
hello. This is 300FIT.

We are pleased to announce that 300Fit Network (FIT) is going to migrate to the MATIC mainnet, so if you have ERC-20 Mainnet 300FIT Token in personal wallet, please fill out the information below to apply for a swap.

Please send us your existing 300FIT tokens and we will send you the same number of new 300FIT tokens. Each day, we will verify and confirm the number of tokens received and process the swap in batches the next afternoon.

For the security and safety of your assets, we recommend using MetaMask wallets that support ERC-20 and MATIC mainnet. We will send new 300FT tokens to the address where you sent your old 300FT tokens.

📌 Mainnet Switch


✅ Swap procedure

1. Transfer ERC-20 300FT tokens held in your personal wallet to the recovery wallet
2. Fill out and submit the token swap application Google Form
3. Receive MATIC 300FT tokens to the wallet where you sent your old tokens to the recovery wallet

👛Existing ERC-20 token recovery wallet address


*Please confirm the address before sending.

📆 Swap Schedule

2023.11.20 ~ 2024.5.31 (No applications or swaps after this date)

🚨Reminders (please check!)

⚠️When applying for a holder swap, please be sure to send your tokens to the existing ERC-20 token redemption address posted on the Google Form and Telegram announcement.

⚠️ Please enter the link address of the transaction correctly.

⚠️  In case of problems caused by misinformation or address, recovery will not be possible.

⚠️After the conversion is complete, all 300-foot networks (FIT) will be supported by MATIC only, and existing ERC-20 deposits, withdrawals, and transactions will not be supported.

⚠️ For the security and safety of your token assets, the swap process will be done to the wallet you sent your existing 300ft tokens to. The new MATIC 300ft tokens will be sent to the wallet where the redemption transaction was made. Please use a MetaMask wallet that supports both mainnets.

⚠️ Contact: 300ft Telegram and
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Please enter the wallet address (metamask) that sent the original ERC-20 300ft token.
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