CS 83: Winter 2018 Application Form
CS 83 is a (new) class on Playback Theater, aimed at a diverse group of Stanford Students. During the course, we will tell, listen, play together, and train in playback theater techniques. We will write diaries to process our experience in the context of education and research.  The course is aimed to strengthen listening abilities, creativity and the collaborative spirit. See additional information here: https://omereingold.wordpress.com/cs-83-playback-theater-for-research/

The purpose of this form is to help us prepare for the class by informing us of the composition of the class and expectations of students. Given the nature of the class, admission will be capped at 20 student. In case of over enrollment the form will assist us in selecting students for the class. We note that there is no single profile for a student that we seek, so there are no right or wrong answers.

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