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Startup Demonights & Creative Collisions Startup Presenter Application
Creative Collisions is where startups, researchers, and companies meet to foster innovation opportunities. Companies join to present collaboration opportunities; startups come to show their tech solutions, and researchers come to share their applied research projects and look for potential (co)founders to help propel them to commercialization with the support of our ecosystem.

Creative Collisions emphasizes collaborative innovations as the vector driving meaningful advancements to our economy while having a positive impact on our society. The program features:
- fireside chat or panel
- multiple cross-sectorial tech sessions with organizations reverse pitch and startup demos in a fish-bowl format where participants can join the stage afterwards
- tech discovery floor and partner expos
- and 1-on-1 b2b speed-networking.

Why should you attend?
- Learn how big organizations will engage in innovation by collaborating with startups and researchers.
- Showcase your startup, your technology or your non-commercialized IPs (intellectual properties),
- Understand better the needs and business opportunities in the relaunch of the economy,
- Meet talent looking for opportunities,
- Network with entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry experts.

Among others focus, some of the featured sectors are the one that can have the most impact on our society:
- advanced manufacturing, industry 4.0 and supply chain
- energy, cleantech, agtech and solutions tackling climate change
- life sciences and healthcare
- culture, entertainment and creative industries

Montreal Newtech's "Creative Collisions" builds upon 14 years of experience with more than 150 startup innovation demo nights since 2008. MTL NewTech is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote innovative entrepreneurship mindsets and foster the collaboration between researchers, startups and industries as a means to create meaningful innovation.

Apply today to pitch in a following demonight / Creative Collisions!

If you are looking for talent or if you are interested in partnering up or presenting at one of the booths in the expo area, please send us an email to 

Please, do not hesitate to email us at the same address for any questions, clarification etc. with the subject line "Creative Collisions"

Thank you!

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