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 Youth Read Sacred Texts Worldwide

Our First Scouts Read Sacred Texts Worldwide event greatly exceeded everyone's expectations. On May 2, 2024, on the National Day of Prayer, we had over 3600 youth from 174 councils participate.  They read their sacred texts for over 800 hours.  Nearly 3900 patches were ordered.

Most Scouts read at home with their families. In addition to the United States, we had Scouts from Kenya, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Bangladesh, Chile, Singapore, Okinawa, and the Philippines.  We had several Girl Scouts and youth from other religious organizations that weren't in scouting.


Guess what?  We are going to repeat this event on May 1, 2025.

We plan to significantly expand our participation and invite other youth organizations plus youth from all Faiths to join us.  We are making some minor but important changes:

1. We encourage all youth to read on the evening of May 1 (which is the U.S. National Day of Prayer) or anytime that week that is convenient.

2. We are suggesting that youth, their families and/or faith leaders decide the specific texts to be read. We suggest youth read for at least 15 minutes but that is up to each individual.

3. We are inviting other youth organizations including 4-H, American Heritage Girls, Camp Fire Boys & Girls, Girl Scouts USA, International Scouts, Sea Scouts, Trail Life USA, and ALL faith's youth groups to join us and read their Sacred Texts.


This registration form below allows you to indicate your support in different ways.

1. Volunteer to organize and promote this event in your council and/or other youth organization
2. Add this event on your council, youth or faith organization calendars as soon as possible.
3. Volunteer to contact and promote this event to other organizations like 4-H, American Heritage Girls, Girl Scouts, etc.
4. Post our event on social media.
5. Finally, suggest other youth organizations we should include.

Participating in this event could help Scouts satisfy the Duty to God requirement necessary for advancement.
May God bless our efforts.

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