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Kogaracon 2020 Panel Application
Event Timing: April 25, 2020 @ Middlesex County College (10:00am-7:00pm)

~We require that all panels be family friendly, as this is a family friendly event.
~Panelists are representatives of Kogaracon, and we reserve the right to cancel panels that violate our rules and regulations.
~Panelists are expected to check in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time, and will have at least 30 minutes to set up for their panels. Failure to check in will result in the cancellation of the panel and an alternate panel to run instead. Designated check in area will be determined and shared with the final panel schedule.
~Panelists must lead their panel at their scheduled time slot for the amounted time allotted.
~Panelists are also required to bring their own supplies for their panels. Special requirements will be noted and we will attempt to accommodate as best as we can, but we make no guarantees.
~Panels on the Waiting List are agreeing to run their panel in the event a slot opens up. This could mean that you are called upon in the day before the convention/day of. If you accept being on the waiting list, you must be prepared.

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Will you be working with a partner/group? *
If yes in the previous question please list their name(s) of anyone else collaborating, and whether or not they applied to do a panel as well. It is not necessary that they do so, this is just to avoid duplicate applicants.
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Does your panel have any specific requirements? If yes, please list what requirements you need.
Please note, we may not be able to guarantee everything you might need. So please be prepared should we be unable to accommodate your panel.
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What time would you prefer your panel to run? (AM/PM, specific time, etc.) *
Please note that this is not a guarantee that your panel will run at the time you request.
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If you were to rate your panel using standard movie/game ratings, what would the rating be? *
Please again note, we are not accepting panels that are above a PG-13 rating as this is a family friendly con. If your panel is not rated appropriately, it will not be accepted.
Have you ever hosted a panel through Kogaracon or another convention before? Tell us about it! When, the topic, what you did, etc.
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