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2019 MGA College Staff Application

•Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs is strictly prohibited. Anyone violating this rule will be summarily dismissed from the conference. The use of any tobacco products (including vaping) during the conference is also prohibited.

•Attendance is required at all scheduled activities.

•Any damage to property at the hotel, Capitol, or Pocahontas Building will be repaired at the expense of the participant(s) causing the damage.

•Liability for expenses occurring as a result of injury to others will be incumbent upon the person(s) responsible for the injury.

•The Virginia YMCA will make room reservations and room assignments and reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary.

•Neat conservative business-professional dress required. The Virginia YMCA reserves the right to say what is appropriate and to ask members to change if necessary.

•Use of personal cars during the conference or visitation by persons not associated with the conference is not allowed.

•Use of cell phones or pagers during the conference is not allowed for personal use. There will be a GroupMe for College Staff Members to discuss MGA necessities.

•The Virginia YMCA does not provide accident or medical insurance. Emergency medical services are available locally.

•Staff assistants are expected to be working at the event – this is not a time to catch up with your former club. Use of laptops for personal things (i.e. schoolwork, Facebook, etc.) is strictly prohibited at all events.

•Staff assistants are also expected to help with room check nightly as well as supervise at the dance. Additionally, staff assistants will be assigned tasks throughout the weekend (i.e. collecting ballots, running errands, etc.).

•Staff assistants will need to be dressed and ready to meet at 12 PM on Thursday, March 21. 2019 at the Hilton Downtown Richmond. Staff assistants will be working the entire event through clean-up after the Closing Joint Session on Saturday around lunchtime.

•Staff assistants are responsible for all meals (with the exception of dinner Thursday, dinner Friday, and breakfast Saturday) and all other expenses incurred (parking, tolls, etc.).

•Those selected to serve on college staff are expected to attend a training (either in-person or virtually) prior to MGA.

•All selected staff assistants must undergo a background check within a time frame determined by YMCA staff. Flagged background checks may result in dismissal from staff.

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I have read, understand and agree to comply with the conference guidelines. Furthermore, in the event that medical services are required, I authorize the Virginia YMCA to arrange for such services in a manner that it deems appropriate. If I am unable to attend MGA and notify the YMCA after February 1, I understand that I must pay the Virginia YMCA $250 for fees that are not refundable. (typing your name in the box below will count as your signature) *
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