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NELSD Tuition Reimbursement Form 2020-2021
For EACH class that you would like to be considered for reimbursement for 2020-2021, you must fill out a separate form.  For example, if you are taking TWO classes in 2020-2021 that you would like to be considered for reimbursement, you will fill out and submit this form TWO times.  All forms are due by September 15th at midnight. You will receive an email copy of your responses, please keep all copies for your records. No late forms will be accepted.

13.10 TUITION REIMBURSEMENT: Teachers employed by the Board are eligible to receive tuition reimbursement in accordance with the provisions below.  Such tuition reimbursement is available only for graduate credit taken for or towards earning a Master's Degree awarded directly by a graduate degree institution. Awarded directly by a graduate degree institution means that the transcript must be issued by a graduate degree institution that issues the transcripts must be the same graduate degree institution that actually provided and taught the course. Once a teacher has earned a masters degree in accordance with this section, the teacher is no longer eligible to receive tuition reimbursement.  In order to be eligible to receive tuition reimbursement, teachers employed by the Board must do the following:

13.101   By September 15 of each contract year, submit to the Superintendent a list of graduate credit courses to be taken (or taken in the immediately preceding summer) directly from a graduate degree institution for that contract year.

13.102   If approved by the Superintendent, all such teachers shall be placed on an approved list for the contract year.  The list will be used to calculate the maximum amount of tuition reimbursement available to each teacher on the list, with such calculation being made as follows:  $50,000 per contract year divided by the number of completed credit hours submitted.

13.103   Teachers will be reimbursed in one (1) payment upon successful completion of graduate credits as approved.  Such reimbursement shall not exceed the maximum amount per completed credit hour as calculated per the list of completed credit hours or the actual cost of graduate credits taken as approved and submission of proof of actual cost.  Credit must be complete and all documentation(official trancripts and proof of payment) must be submitted no later than June 10 in order for reimbursement to be paid.  Reimbursement will be paid on or before June 30 and will be paid by separate check.

13.105 All forms for tuition reimbursement are located on the district website and should be electronically submitted by the aforementioned dates (13.101, 13.103).

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How many GRADUATE hours is this course?  The District does not accept Professional Development Credits, Post-Baccalaureate Courses/Credits, Continuing Education Units, or Graduate Level Courses that do not give Graduate Credit as listed on an original transcript. Please refer to section 13.10.
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